SFZ 019: Kylie Cranks Up Her Business

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Show Summary
Kylie runs a niche business that’s at six figures, here’s what to do when you’ve got something that’s just starting to work.
Show Notes
This is a really really good episode. It’ll show you the entire blueprint for growth when you have an idea. Perfect for all to listen.

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Episode Transcript

[00:01:12] All right, so today I’m talking to Kylie. Kylie, where are you at in the world?

[00:01:16] Guest: [00:01:16] I am in the lovely San Diego, California.

[00:01:20] Dane: [00:01:20] What is your big goal for this call? So

[00:01:22] Guest: [00:01:22] one of the things I would love to get great clarity on is actually the trajectory that best suits my business. I feel like I said, a couple of goals around what I’d like to make this year, and I don’t know if they’re actually fitting for my business.

[00:01:38] So I haven’t felt I could go all in on them. So I’d love to know actually what is reasonable and aligned with the trajectory of my business. As far as how much it wants to grow this year.

[00:01:48] Dane: [00:01:48] Oh, you’re willing to share that number? Yeah, of course. Yeah. What does that for the year?

[00:01:52] Guest: [00:01:52] What keeps coming up is somewhere between $250,000 and $400,000 it’s a pretty big [00:02:00] gap.

[00:02:00] Dane: [00:02:00] Well, if you’re going to make 250 it’s probably just as easy to make 400 what was it last year.

[00:02:05] Guest: [00:02:05] I just hit six figures last year.

[00:02:07] Dane: [00:02:07] Good job. How are you making your money now?

[00:02:09] Guest: [00:02:09] Primarily through one-on-ones, and I started running retreats last year, so this year I had two retreats scheduled and could even potentially be more.

[00:02:18] Dane: [00:02:18] So I’ve got a book coming out, which people hear about if you’re listening to the podcast, but I recommend everybody read it. That’s on the show anyway, and in that book, there are four different brains that I walk you through building. They relate to gardening. There’s the surveyor, the tiller, the planter, and the gardener.

[00:02:34] Survey the land till the land, plant the seeds grow the revenue. You build these forebrains, you become like superhuman in your capacity. Most entrepreneurs don’t even have all four of them and they’re still successful. In the first brain is the surveyor. They learn how to assess landscapes, and there’s a pattern within that surveyor brain that allows you to rapidly articulate a business income stream and it’s who’s the customer, what’s the pain, what’s the solution, and what’s the offer customer pain solution offer.

[00:03:03] So I’ll ask you on this hundred thousand dollars that you just broke six figures, which is a huge accomplishment. Congratulations. Yeah. Who’s the customer? What’s the pain? What’s the solution? What’s the offer?

[00:03:14] Guest: [00:03:14] Okay, so the customer, it’s a similar avatar, but two, it’s either entrepreneurs or successful entrepreneurs.

[00:03:21] That are silent, will suffering in some way. So their stress, they’re exhausted. They may or may not use this languaging, but they have unresolved trauma. So that’s kind of avatar and pain is stressed. Exhausted. Yeah. They want to wake up, excited to get out of bed in the morning, and they are just going through the motions.

[00:03:40] Those successful entrepreneurs, they would be the ones that live in an ocean view home and are doing really well in their business that they literally like, they look out at the ocean in their homes and they can’t even see it. So really like inner turmoil. Even having like deep despair solution is. Two main parts of the work that I [00:04:00] do is a transformational bodywork.

[00:04:02] So we literally, it’s like removing and completely permanently resolving trauma that was held within their body that tends to act like an e-brake in their lives. And then we also use a micronutrient technology to calm their nervous system. I find most of these people, they have adrenal fatigue. They’re running in fight or flight most of the time.

[00:04:21] So calming their nervous system solves like 60 to 80% of their problems. So the offer, I have multiple offers. Retreat is the most accessible because it’s around five K, so pretty much anyone can hop into that one-on-one. Very, so it’s six or 12 month package offerings, generally anywhere from. I mean, last year I was even still doing like, I don’t think that that was at the six month Mark, but I would do a few, three to four month packages around 10 K.

[00:04:50] now it’s more six months at 30 K or 12 months around. Again, it varies. That’s part of why it feels a little off. It varies between 40 and 60 K.

[00:05:02] Dane: [00:05:02] Easiest thing would be to find ten six month clients at 30 K and you’re at 300 grand. Totally. Very doable.

[00:05:08] Guest: [00:05:08] Definitely because the way that I serve people and I just love suddenly so much into them and giving them such a high quality experience, my preference is to stick with about working with five people at a time, so five people for six months in the beginning of the year, five people for six months at the end of the year is similar to what

[00:05:27] Dane: [00:05:27] I’ve been looking at.

[00:05:28] This is a very exciting thing. I just want to weep in tears because I was the guy looking out at the ocean building one of the most beautiful lights and then not being able to feel it and feeling like a total piece of garbage for not being to feel it. Realizing that it’s like a very real common human condition.

[00:05:45] Guest: [00:05:45] Most entrepreneurs that I connect with.

[00:05:48] Dane: [00:05:48] Yeah, I’m really happy that people can hear this because those of you that don’t ever experience or have high achievement. Or are not around high achievement. There’s more often than not a [00:06:00] very dark side to high achievement. And the achievement is there as a compulsion to fix something that feels very broken and unresolved.

[00:06:08] And so the degree to someone’s achievements can more often than not be the degree of the pain. It’s not very common that you see a healed whole person achieving from that place. They exist. And I think bill Gates is a really good example, pretty whole complete dude who’s now made his billions and now spends his time just giving back and he’s like making huge impact in the world.

[00:06:31] Yeah. And bill carries like what, 15 books with him everywhere he goes. Loves drinking diet Coke, you know, like the books that he reads or like, there’s a documentary on Netflix called inside Bill’s brain. So good. Anyway, bill seems to be a good example. I would not have been ready for you probably when I was living in Encinitas area because the pain was so frightening.

[00:06:53] But I am so happy you’re doing the work you’re doing and it’s no mystery. See, what I love about customer pain solution offer is in customer pain solution offer. When someone maps that out, it’s the seed and just based on the seed, you can tell how far it’ll grow based on the clarity of the customer, the clarity of the pain, the clarity of the solution, the clarity of the offer.

[00:07:12] Just with those four things, you can assess the health and success chance of a business. Here you go. My customer is high achieving entrepreneurs. The pain is they are not able to experience the beautiful life they built. And the solution is a retreat or one on one coaching, and the offer is five grand for the retreat and then five to 30 grand for coaching.

[00:07:33] You see how I did it a little more succinctly? You did a very good job for your first go at that, and I think I liked your version better. I was just summarizing. But so when you say the retreat, what you want to do is, especially with entrepreneurs, is quantify everything. Right? So I met the five richest men in Iowa, you know, one guy sold his business to Coleman coolers for like, you know, 900 some odd, crazy [00:08:00] number.

[00:08:00] And I got the chance to meet these guys and I took a picture with all of them before iPhone six so I got a disposable camera. Can you believe I had to use disposable cameras to use, I have only 36 and we took pictures. I went to target, I printed them off. I read handwritten notes. I sent them all a picture of me in a frame thanking him for the time, asking them to be my mentor.

[00:08:18] Out of six of them. One replied only one, so I had a one out of six conversion rate, and when I went to drive to see him, he had my picture on his side desk. So this guy had a real heart for mentoring. Dang. Was he hard on me? We get there. So then I’m like, so like, can you tell me like, what’s your revenue.

[00:08:39] And he’s like, well, do you want revenue per part? Revenue per product, revenue per employee, revenue per job, revenue per labor hour. He was in manufacturing and he was one of the top 50 in the country in terms of defects per million parts made. And he had to compete with companies like India who could make parts for a lot cheaper, but they had higher defect rates.

[00:08:58] So his whole approach to business was he manufactured parts for like Caterpillar tractors where he manufacture parts. He’d go into the top two players of any industry. So Caterpillar tractors and then maybe John Deere tractors or something. And then if you get and get those two, he wouldn’t go in the industry cause he only wanted to work with the best cause he knew by working with the best, it would elevate his game to be the best.

[00:09:18] Right. So he would contact Caterpillar and say, Hey, what part is the most painful for you to produce. What part is the hardest product for you to make and they’re like, this product. He said, great. We’ll have one made for you for free. It’ll be out next week. He’d go and make the parts, ship it to them and arrive on time and really good condition.

[00:09:35] Then he’d call them up and charge them a premium price to continue making it for him. He looks at me and he says, Dave, what do you think I sell? And I guess for like, you know, a few minutes, he’s like, I sell profit. What do you mean. Well, I sell my trucks, get there on time. My parts have lower defect rates.

[00:09:49] They’re able to get my parts and use them better so they can make profit. I know what I’m in the business of. I’m in the business of selling profit. Dude, this guy was a beast. You know, I could give me chills just thinking about him. So when the [00:10:00] economy tanked, if you’d like to get a free one on one with me and beyond this show, you can find out [email protected] forward slash podcast.

[00:10:11] He had to let go of a lot of employees. And while a lot of other businesses were complaining, he pivoted his entire business to manufacturing parts for robotics. So when he went to manufacture parts for robotics, he did the same thing again. He went to the top two players and he asked him the most painful part to produce, made it for him.

[00:10:27] He was able to hire back all of his workforce in a pretty short period of time. While a lot of other people were complaining about the economy complaining about the recession. I want you to know that, thank goodness I was programmed with some of the best books to economy has nothing to do with your income, and if you think the economy or the environment is something to do with your income, you’re admitting idiocy, in my opinion.

[00:10:46] Even an industry affected by the recession, like my business mentor, he pivoted to robotics. You are in control of your income. I sold real estate products the year of the real estate recession, my income tripled. And people like, you shouldn’t be making new products for realtors. The economy’s tanked. I was like, no, screw that.

[00:11:01] I’m gonna do it anyway. And in real estate, you’re like, Oh no, no, money doesn’t move in real estate. Well, actually, in the recession, money’s still moved. It does move a lot more through foreclosures instead of residential. Like the money’s still moved in a recession. So yes, sales do take a slump and things like this, but you don’t have to bow to that.

[00:11:18] You can create your own reality and entrepreneurship. So this is my first mentor. You know, we’d sit on his dock, you know, he had a beautiful lakefront home, and the fog would be out. And he says, so Dane, do you know what the difference between being wealthy enriches. And it’s like, yeah, wealth is measured in time and rich is measured in income because I had read the right books.

[00:11:36] He’s like, that’s right. I knew an answer, but most of the time I didn’t know answers, you know? So he stressed to me the importance of quantification. So when I was 22 he’s like, okay, so you have a website, Dane, how long does it take you to make a website? I was like, I don’t know. He’s like, just give me a number.

[00:11:49] Two weeks, three weeks, four weeks. I’m like, GABA, two weeks. And he’s like, okay, how much does he charge? Okay, $500 a gamut. How many websites could you do at a time? Three. Four. He’s like, [00:12:00] for crying out loud, Dane, how many can you do at a time? He was like, how can you build a business if you don’t know what your numbers are.

[00:12:04] This man bought a bunch of archery companies for bow and arrows, and he merged them all into one factory and did his lean manufacturing approach and like innovated the archery industry and then sold that business. And you know, the guy is just beast, you know? And then like you surround yourself with a guy like this and then you’re like, is business really risky?

[00:12:21] No. Being an idiot, risky. All right. So that’s what I told myself. It’s not the most compassionate thing, but that’s how I thought about it then. So I call him six years later and he says, you know, Dane, how’s business going? And I said, you know, Bruce, it’s great. We generate a 15,500 leads last 90 days. We’ve got over 1500 applications.

[00:12:38] We have 336 students now enrolled in a six month training program. Whoa. You speak like that. You win. So how many entrepreneurs did you work with last year? Give me a number.

[00:12:49] Guest: [00:12:49] Yeah, I don’t have that number 30 yes.

[00:12:52] Dane: [00:12:52] Right. So now when you talk about your offer, you say $5,000 for a retreat. How many days is the retreat?

[00:12:58] It’s

[00:12:59] Guest: [00:12:59] five full days and technically seven because they’ll come the evening before, so they get a good night’s rest and then they can stay the last night and leave the next morning if they’d like to.

[00:13:09] Dane: [00:13:09] So check it out. It’s a five full day retreat with seven days of travel time. One day before, one day after.

[00:13:16] Guest: [00:13:16] Yes.

[00:13:16] Dane: [00:13:16] Do you see how you kind of made it a little confusing when you articulated it?

[00:13:20] Guest: [00:13:20] Definitely.

[00:13:21] Dane: [00:13:21] This is subtle stuff, but it has a big impact. Try and do it again.

[00:13:25] Guest: [00:13:25] It’s a five full day retreat with a day of travel time before and a day of travel time after.

[00:13:30] Dane: [00:13:30] Oh my gosh. Yes. I mean, it’s just so clear. Well, you know, a retreat.

[00:13:34] That’s a lot of work. I don’t want to travel. What other options do you have? You say that all depends. What are you looking to accomplish. Well, I’d like to smile when I see outside my ocean front,

[00:13:44] Guest: [00:13:44] I definitely hear that, and this is a massive thing of what I support my clients with and my experience is that all of the entrepreneurs that I’ve worked with have done all of the work that’s mental and doesn’t need to be in person, and they still [00:14:00] feel really stuck.

[00:14:00] They don’t get to see the ocean looking at us. They’re ocean front home. So my experiences, the e-brake on being able to do that, the block and being able to do that really lives in the body. So really coming to an experience in person is going to catapult you quickly so it’s more of an investment instead of spending your time.

[00:14:21] Does that make sense?

[00:14:22] Dane: [00:14:22] Are you selling me to the retreat right now, or the one on one? Yeah, it worked. When you shared this with me, these are the subtle things you want to pay attention to. You said it lives in the body. I had a fear response and I was like, Oh God, that sounds pretty scary. I don’t know if I’m ready for that.

[00:14:40] So there are things you can do to set context before you introduce something like that. And you’ll reach the entrepreneurs that are too scared to do their work. There’s a guy here in Demoine who crushes it, and I try to recommend to do his work. He never replies like, I got this coach you could work with, and they’ll reply.

[00:14:59] But you know, I think a book would be really nice for you to write like an ebook for entrepreneurs, like what to do when you’re ready to feel the beautiful life you’ve built. A book specially made for entrepreneurs and their specific unique struggles. Like if you had that book, I would probably cry and then I would get it.

[00:15:13] What to do when you’re ready to feel the beautiful life you built a unique book designed and written for towards entrepreneurs and their silent forms of suffering. Is that something you think you’d want to write?

[00:15:24] Guest: [00:15:24] Yeah, absolutely.

[00:15:26] Dane: [00:15:26] We’re suffering Kylie, and nobody’s talking to us about it.

[00:15:30] Guest: [00:15:30] Yeah. The big piece that comes up is, you know, my mind goes, I’m here talking to you about it, and one of the things that you’re helping me to see is, and I know that this has been my thing I’ve been working with all last year, is how to language it in a way that is enticing that, like you said, doesn’t trigger the nervous system, doesn’t trigger the fear response actually is encouraging and inviting and the way that you’ve languaged it around.

[00:15:55] To be able to feel the wonderful life that you’ve created. I feel like that’s so it, it’s very, [00:16:00] very touching.

[00:16:01] Dane: [00:16:01] So customer pain solution offer the spine of a business rests on three things. The customer that wants a result. So they use a mechanism. Customer wants results, so they use mechanism. So grandmother is a new grandmother.

[00:16:15] They want to be around that grandchild all the time. Mechanism, FaceTime. A successful entrepreneur wants to be able to experience his life mechanism. Book course retreat. One on one. I mean, as long as the course was actually InBody meant techniques, go out and look at the ocean, bring a pillow with you and be honest about how you really feel.

[00:16:38] Punch that out and do a pillow. Look at the ocean again, like that’s probably one free technique you could give out to every entrepreneur where they’re like, okay, I need more of this. Okay, so let me hear you say that back out loud, just so we understand the spine of business in those three things. Go ahead.

[00:16:50] Guest: [00:16:50] Totally. So the customer, what they want

[00:16:53] Dane: [00:16:53] and the mechanism. Yeah, you got it. Do you want to give an example? Yes. Not in your niche.

[00:16:58] Guest: [00:16:58] Not in my niche. Okay. Customer would be someone that wants to eat healthier as a new year’s resolution. What they want is more energy and to lose weight. Mechanism would be a cold pressed juice cleanse with sprinkles on top.

[00:17:15] Dane: [00:17:15] That’s a really good example. So now, plenty of action. I want you to write this book in the next 60 days. What’s the first chapter titled?

[00:17:23] Guest: [00:17:23] Okay, so what I want to say, Oh, it sounds so dark though. What I want to say, because this is where I genuinely start people off, is taking an honest look at what’s holding them back.

[00:17:34] Dane: [00:17:34] Nope, you’re right on the, no, I want to tell you something that you know that I want other people to know is that entrepreneurs that I know of are extremely sensitive. The ones I know of, if you are gentle with us, we will never forget you. I mean like 99% chance we won’t, I mean, I won’t.

[00:17:51] Guest: [00:17:51] I believe that that’s one of the reasons why my business has had success.

[00:17:54] One of the top things that people reflect to me is like the softness and the feminine nature.

[00:18:00] [00:17:59] Dane: [00:17:59] Yup. It’s a mandatory requirement for this healing. I think so. What’s the first chapter. So

[00:18:04] Guest: [00:18:04] I don’t know if it’s strong enough to land, have them continue. However, something that’s better than going up the taint would be starting with celebrating how far they’ve come.

[00:18:15] So that’s one thing that I know that

[00:18:17] Dane: [00:18:17] entrepreneurs, because they are having a hard time doing that, that’s their biggest problem, is looking out the windows. You want to have them go do that. Right? That’s the biggest point of friction. How about first chapter? It’s not your fault and here’s why. No one’s talking about it.

[00:18:34] Chapter two is a story of one of your most troubled clients who now has the result. Chapter three is a subtle form of helping build courage for them to begin. Chapter four is a baby step for them to be honest about the least scary thing. Chapter five is another story, and then you can let it map from there.

[00:18:56] Do you see how it’s sort of inviting a flower to bloom?

[00:18:59] Guest: [00:18:59] And I like how it starts softly digestible,

[00:19:03] Dane: [00:19:03] right? It’s now your fault and here’s why no one’s talking about this and who’s the Dunst that’s going to say, Hey guys, I made millions of dollars and now I’m still unhappy. That’s pretty embarrassing.

[00:19:14] Okay, so could you get a digital version of this book written in 60 days? Yes. So you’ve had 30 clients, so you’re going to go to them and you’re going to say, Hey guys, I’m writing a book. What do you think of this cover? They’re going to reply back like, Oh, I love it, dah, dah, dah, dah. It’s like. Would you like to be one of the first to buy it?

[00:19:32] And they’d say, yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s like, would you like to be a part of the process of watching me write it and watching it come to life? Do you think that might help you integrate even more? Yes, yes. Yes. I’m selling 15 spots for this book at 100 bucks or 200 bucks for 300 bucks, and it includes a 20 minute one on one call with me and access to all versions of the book.

[00:19:55] And would you like to do that? For [00:20:00] years, people have asked me about a book, something simple that they could read that was completely comprehensive, that would help them learn how to start a business when they have no ideas, no money, no experience, no real expertise. When they’re insecure, when they don’t have confidence.

[00:20:17] How do you start from zero? How do you start a business when you don’t even believe that you could actually help someone in the first place? It’s all documented. There’s now a path. It’s a book. It’s called start from zero and you can preorder it right now. Go to start from zero.com and click on preorder.

[00:20:35] So you’re first in line to read this remarkable book. There are over 15 different examples of employees, many who became millionaires in four years time. It’s absolutely possible, and you can do it when you get the right training. Go get that book right now. Start from zero.com and click on preorder.

[00:20:52] Let’s get back to the episode.

[00:20:59] So I sold like 20 or 30 spots from my book at 100 bucks. You know, I made money before the book was released, which blows people away. I’m like, that’s pretty standard, you know? But in the book world, it was, people were pretty flipping out about it. But I have a lot of fear and fear of failure and rejection that comes up in business.

[00:21:16] And the way that I navigate through that is by forming a very deep and intimate bond with my customer. And then I let them pull me through. So a lot of people like they don’t even have a customer in mind, let alone an idea, and then they beat themselves up for not gonna be able to start a business. I have all the same fears most people do.

[00:21:31] I just have a customer. I’m deeply connected with that columns, every one of them. So I’m able to start stuff really rapidly. So you’re going to have these, you know, 10 15 spots that you sell and they’re going to buy it, and then you’re going to release like a chapter every three days to them as a Google doc.

[00:21:47] And. There’ll be a part of the co-creative process of this book. You get the book finished real quick, like within 60 days it becomes ebook and it’s sold as an ebook and becomes an [00:22:00] ebook. And it comes with maybe a couple audio interviews of you interviewing some entrepreneurs. So you can sell it for more than the cost of a book cause it’s got a book, it’s got interviews and it’s even got.

[00:22:10] A few videos of you doing some walkthrough exercises, so it’s really an experience more than a book. Now you can sell it for 39 to 99 bucks or whatever. Now the book is going to, you’ll put a lot of your resources into selling the book and the advertising for the book. You’ll probably try to shoot to break even.

[00:22:27] On that book. So you don’t make much money on the book, but you start selling 300 bucks a month, you’re going to fill a lot of those $5,000 retreats. You’re also going to fill your five spots for six month, $30,000 packages, and entrepreneurs will spend that without blinking. Your prices are good. We’ll spend that money without blinking.

[00:22:46] It’s been 30 grand for six months to be able to fill the ocean. There’s gotta be an element of urgency in your book to a chapter about, you know, how many days will you wake up and look at the ocean and not feel it. Before you revert back to a life you can feel. So self-sabotage being very real. So there needs to be an urgency to what you’re selling.

[00:23:03] And then entrepreneurs will act even more. So this is just adding urgency. And what you’ll do with adding urgency is say, you know, if you don’t get this fixed, so you can’t feel it, you’re going to unconsciously seek to go to a life you can feel, which is going to be backwards. So the call is to fix this.

[00:23:17] So I know you might be afraid. I know you might be really scared if you don’t fix this, here’s what’s at stake. So you counter that fear with even more fear. So I know you’re afraid to do this. Here’s what could happen if you don’t, okay, I’ll do it with the fear trade one, fear for the bigger fear. So there’s a lot of subtle nuance to things like there’s a lot of trading I’ve kinda gone through and experience.

[00:23:35] I’ve had to be able to suggest what I’m suggesting. I want to make sure I’m articulating both of those things. So you have your book. Now, next, I want you to look out and find a very ethical and high class digital marketer, and you’re going to hire a digital marketer to help promote your book for you. So they’ll run the advertising, they’ll sell the book, they’ll put the landing page together, they’ll do all that.

[00:23:56] And you’re going to hire a digital marketer, and you’re going to want to budget anywhere between [00:24:00] zero to 50 grand over the next year to go into advertising. And or for the digital marketer, that’s 50 grand for the year. So you’re looking at. Four grand a month, but you start at like a $2,000 a month, you’re getting results.

[00:24:12] You start at 2000 maybe do 4,000 a month for three months. You invest 12 grand with a digital marketer, half to advertising, half to the digital marketer. After three months and 12 grand. You should have sold a handful of books and you should have sold plenty of retreats. The digital marketer then ramps that up.

[00:24:28] Now you’re spending 50 grand a year on that digital marketer to bring in half a million and you’ll have your 450,000 net. But you’re looking at this like a business your in a very nice niche. You have premium prices, a ton of profit, a very severe pain. Your issue is not that things won’t work. Your issue is.

[00:24:50] Designing the life that tickles your own soul and being very clear on the business that you want to have because you’re going to have no problem growing. You’re going to have no problem being successful, especially if you do what we’ve mapped out here, and if you want, you could even give the book away for free.

[00:25:05] You give the way, you know the first chapter, it’s not your fault and why no one’s talking about it. They read that they’ll spend a chunk of money on the rest of the book. You don’t get the first page, the table of contents, the first chapter out, and then a link to purchase the rest of it. That is one heck of a model.

[00:25:21] I really like it. What do you think? I love it. Elegant, simple. Everybody, you drive to your book. Oh, you want to work with me? Well, read my book, and if you like that, then we’ll see. Because you know, once somebody said they said, my best students, my best customers are the ones that read. My books. The customers that aren’t that great are the ones that don’t really read much because if they read stuff, that means they will follow directions.

[00:25:43] You know, a lot of entrepreneurs like audio books, so you know, you include the audio book version of it, and so they can listen to that, listen to this on your next workout. But that’s the approach. It’s so you’re hiring a digital marketer, so you can Google digital marketing agencies. You can make a post on the San Diego Facebook group that [00:26:00] everybody has.

[00:26:00] You go to digital marketing groups and say you’re looking for a digital marketer and you want to be in the position of power. So when you’re hiring a digital marketer, you do not want to be needy and you’re the boss, so you’re very clear. I’m hiring a digital marketer to help promote this book on the backend that will sell more retreats.

[00:26:17] I’m willing to break even on the advertising on the front end for the book, because I make my money on the retreats and on the coaching. The book is a way to get the message out. I’m looking for a digital marketer who can effectively. Run paid marketing to this book. I’m clear on the customer. I’m clear on the pain.

[00:26:31] I’m clear on the solution. I’m clear on the offer. My ad budget to start as this, my initial investment to see measurement is 12,000 that also includes your pay. I’m looking to spend an upwards of 50 grand a year if this works, and I’m looking for a digital marketer who also happens to have a sensitivity to intuition.

[00:26:48] But who can also be accountable to results. So you’ll listen to this, but you write all that out because you know a lot of digital marketers, you can contact them. They’re going to be like, great, this person’s got a thing. But they’re going to see your customer. They’re going to see your pain. They’re gonna see your solution.

[00:27:00] They’re going to see your offer. They’re going to see your testimonials. They’re going to see your results. And then they’re going to be like, Oh wait, hold on. This is a special one. I’m suggesting that you hire a digital marketer because you’re a master of your mechanism. You’re a master of your craft, and that’s a very special gift in this arena.

[00:27:15] So if you were not fulfilling the mechanism, I would probably put you in the marketing role, but since then, the customer wants a results. We use a mechanism since you’re doing mechanisms that are responsible for result. That’s why I’m recommending you hire a digital marketer with those clear outcomes in those clear goals.

[00:27:29] A lot of people will. Get really nervous when they hire a digital marketer. Well, is this good? Is this good? Is this good? What you do is you’re very clear on your outcomes. You’re very clear and you want, you’re very clear on your budget. You don’t care about the other stuff, and you don’t have to, you don’t have to be like insecure about, well, is this okay?

[00:27:44] Is this right? No, I don’t care about that. These are the outcomes I’m looking for. What a wonderful business you have. This will result in a half a million dollar per year business. You could probably grow this to 3 million a year with that model, which is [00:28:00] nine grand a day, you know, nine grand a day if you were selling $3,000 packages or something.

[00:28:05] You would need to sell three entrepreneurs a day to make nine grand if you had a $300 package. I mean, look at this. So if you were selling a $3,000 package to entrepreneurs, which they would buy in a heartbeat for the right, that we spend two to 10 grand all the time on things, courses and coaches. So if you needed three entrepreneurs to buy a $3,000 package.

[00:28:23] You’d probably need to sell 103 hundred books. I don’t know. Like if someone bought your book and read it, I don’t know what those numbers look like yet, but if as you’re conservative, you’re saying 1% of people that buy my book will buy the $3,000 package, then you sell 300 books a day. And you make nine grand a day on the backend to some $3,000 product.

[00:28:42] Now you’re at 3 million a year. Yeah. It’s very exciting. Let’s rest our brains for a second. See where our bodies are at. So you and me both are kind of surprised by how good this sounds, but it makes it a lot easier that Kylie has something that works. Finding something that works is sort of the Holy grail.

[00:28:59] It is the Holy grail. He wants something that works. And in the book, the first chapter, or close to the first chapter is something called the three little rocks. So there’s seven different learning adventures you go on in the book, and before you embark on your adventure, first you need to get your three little rocks and put them in your pocket.

[00:29:16] One of those rocks is the Cardinal rule of successful entrepreneurship, and that is that we do not get to decide what works. You could decide to get lucky if it works, but you don’t get to decide. So business success is not a personal endeavor. So if your business is succeeding, don’t take it personally in a good way.

[00:29:36] Right? Because you just found something that worked, but you don’t get to decide that. So if you were talking to a billionaire and they were really grounded in meta patterns for success, the billionaire, if they lost a billion, they’d probably be fairly chill because they would just listen for what works and build something else.

[00:29:53] If they’re not there, they might not. But you know, like Thomas Edison, like buildings will burn down. He’s like, Oh, let’s build. Another one was [00:30:00] fine. You know, in terms of not getting to decide what works, we don’t need to take our business success personally. We’re just serving something that works. And when you talk to an entrepreneur who’s looking out of his ocean front, do you happen to know Brandon Hawk?

[00:30:12] Guest: [00:30:12] Yes, absolutely.

[00:30:13] Dane: [00:30:13] Right? So Brandon Hawks, a friend in our space guys, and he charges a hundred grand to connect high powered CEOs back to their heart for a year of coaching. It’s a hundred grand. So he has like four or five clients, makes half a million a year, works four to five hours a week in the latest chills.

[00:30:29] He’ll do events and things like that. I think he does more now, but you know, he said he transformed his life by partnering with his heart. It’s like, you know, day and I just partnered with my heart, you know? But when he charges that $100,000 price, I’ll say, you know, so it’s going to be a hundred grand.

[00:30:43] And how’s that sound? It’s great. So we, in terms of not getting to decide what works, Kylie, you have. An entrepreneur looking out at their ocean front and not being able to feel it. If you ask them if they would like to be able to feel that again, it’s up to them. No, I’m good. I’m good. I’m good. Oh yes. I really want to.

[00:31:00] You don’t get to decide that. And so if you try to force someone to want to feel the ocean again, you become part of the addiction. You become part of the sickness by not listening. So in terms of deciding what works, it takes some trust because you’ve got to know that you’ll be okay. But not only will you be okay if you listen to about works, you’ll be a lot more relaxed.

[00:31:20] Your body won’t be in fight or flight because you won’t have to think of anything creative. You can just listen and you’ll probably have like 10 X the income if you’re actually really, really listened. So you don’t get to decide what works. Kylie. So this is a universally lifelong human condition of upper limiting, and people can’t feel the life they build.

[00:31:38] It’s going to be a, well, you know what? There could be a time when everybody’s there, but then you’ll just shift to a new pain.

[00:31:44] Guest: [00:31:44] Yup. That’s what I’m aiming for.

[00:31:46] Dane: [00:31:46] Your vision is that all entrepreneurs can experience the beautiful lives that they build.

[00:31:50] Guest: [00:31:50] My ultimate vision is all humans, you know? Good.

[00:31:54] Dane: [00:31:54] And you started with entrepreneurs and it’s a really smart idea.

[00:31:57] Guest: [00:31:57] They make a lot of impacts

[00:31:58] Dane: [00:31:58] and often these entrepreneur hearts [00:32:00] that we have a pretty tender and beautiful on the inside, like pretty sweet. So wanting to make a difference, wanting to make the world happier, place and wanting. Yes, it’s a good gift. So what are your. Mixed actions. And what did you learn?

[00:32:15] Guest: [00:32:15] So my next actions would be to lay out the ebook and start writing it.

[00:32:20] I’ll start with chapters. Yeah. Really just the, I love how you use the spine, so the spine of the book, how that outline looks, and then filling in the chapters and then once that is polished, then reaching out to the clients that you mentioned. To have them be a part of it. Oh, and also action plan would be to write the posts about the digital marketer and find a digital marker.

[00:32:47] I feel like there’s one in my community. I mean, there’s gotta be, I live in San Diego, careful about working with people in my community.

[00:32:52] Dane: [00:32:52] Yup. I’ve heard you can go to upwork.com and make a post. And reach 10,000 candidates. I’ve almost never hired local. I’ve hired from the best global

[00:33:03] Guest: [00:33:03] heard. I’ll do that.

[00:33:04] Okay. And what, I’ve learned so many things, and I’ll start with just one of the medic concepts, which is really stepping into using technology as a benefit is one of the easiest ways to have a broader reach. And it can just make the lead generation so much easier. And. Yeah. You’ve laid it out in a very clear way, so it’s been very helpful so that it feels tangible, it feels grounded, it feels doable,

[00:33:32] Dane: [00:33:32] and the digital marketer will get an implement, a lot of that tech for you.

[00:33:36] They’ll build the landing page and the sales page, and. You won’t have to worry about pixels or logos or you won’t be in tool. Hell,

[00:33:45] Guest: [00:33:45] it sounds gorgeous. Yeah. You know, you painting the vision of what’s possible by doing that is really helpful because I’ve only grasped before bits and pieces of why I would want that.

[00:33:54] So it really hasn’t, I haven’t felt. Juiced about investing in it and now [00:34:00] knowing that there’s a tangible result and you’ve laid out very clearly how there can be a tangible result and what that looks like and how to measure it with numbers. It has me much more excited about investing in a digital marketer to do all of those, that tech side of things.

[00:34:15] Dane: [00:34:15] Good job today. This is really cool. I hope people listen to it multiple times and you do as many times as you need.

[00:34:21] Guest: [00:34:21] Will do. Yeah. This was gorgeous, man. Thank you so very much. I really appreciate it. I’m really looking forward. I’m excited. Yeah,

[00:34:27] Dane: [00:34:27] so listen, if you’d like to offer feedback on this episode, we would treasure that.

[00:34:32] Let us know what you want more of and what you want less of for the show and we’ll make sure we try to incorporate that. You can email the feedback to hello as start from zero.com just put feedback in the subject line. Now if you’d like to build a $20,000 per month business minimum, I’ve got a friend who actually does this.

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[00:35:37] I use DJP for myself all the time with things like figuring out revenue models, figuring out mean capture systems, figuring out how to hire someone. If I’m ever stuck with a difficult action, I’ll actually apply DJP because what it does. So wakes up a deeper intuition, a deeper wisdom, so we can actually do something really cool instead of stay stuck.

[00:35:57] So that’s it. Please rate the show. Please [00:36:00] subscribe and go on and listen to the next episode. Let’s do this.

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