SFZ 015: Simone Learns Marketing

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Simone is a world class highly rated acupuncturist, but she has yet to learn marketing. This is one of my favorite and most entertaining episodes. The principles apply to ANY niche in ANY industry.
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You’ll learn about how to grow an idea or help someone else grow an idea once it has legs.

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Episode Transcript

[00:01:12] All right, so today I’m talking to dr Simone and you are a doctor of Chinese medicine. What’s required in getting a doctorate in Chinese medicine?

[00:01:21] Simone: [00:01:21] Mostly lots of school and lots of clinical work, and just spending the time getting to know the medicine.

[00:01:29] Dane: [00:01:29] Yeah. So what’s your big dream or big outcome for this call?

[00:01:33] Simone: [00:01:33] You know, I’m really inspired by you Dane, because I feel like you’re a great storyteller and as a business owner, and I’m a new to business kind of person, I’m realizing that somewhere that I’d like to go, I’d like to. The a bigger, a better storytellers so that I can help people see what my business is and feel our intentions and create a brand, which is, you know, after four [00:02:00] years, I’m kind of embarrassed, but I still feel like branding does a mystery to me.

[00:02:04] And. Maybe you hear this a lot from business people where they kind of had their niche. It’s like I’m an acupuncturist and that’s what I love doing, but the business side is like, wow, there is a lot going on here that I definitely grow into.

[00:02:17] Dane: [00:02:17] Yeah, thank you. This is quite an honor to get the chance to help.

[00:02:20] So I had a life coach at one time and he had his PhD and he was very intelligent and I wasn’t very interested in his work. And then one day he told me the story about. This client who came and he had like boils on his skin and he started working with him and found out all this for oppressed anger he had.

[00:02:39] And as he worked through the repressed anger, the boils on his skin healed and he became very physically beautiful and radiant. And it wasn’t really until he had mentioned that story to me that he had really, really had my attention. So I think you’re spot on with stories. And I think I’ve just sent it unknowingly done, told you a story there about the importance of stories and you know, with healing work, like Reiki healing or acupuncture healing or emotional processing or emotional freedom technique or neuro emotional technique or you know, all these different things.

[00:03:12] We get these practitioners that. Are so desperate to help everyone that they end up not being able to reach almost anyone, you know? So as an acupuncturist, let’s say you targeted, you know, people who want to quit smoking, and you could reach 3 million of those people, or 2000 of everybody else. That’s the kind of power that picking a niche can happen.

[00:03:32] But I don’t think we’re necessarily looking at niches today cause I want your heart to hear about storytelling. So what I did and what you want to write down in terms of storytelling is storytelling is really done with frameworks. And there’s going to be a link that’ll be live [email protected] forward slash all N and on that page I’ll have links to.

[00:03:54] Top resources for storytelling by books and things that you can read. But my thinking with this page is what [00:04:00] would it look like if instead of you just trying to figure out one thing that works, if you just went all in, and so that page will have the tools you would buy all the books you would read. You wouldn’t just look for one book, you know, you’d be all in.

[00:04:12] But in these books, one of the frameworks that you would learn is before, during, and after. So it’s a storytelling framework before, during, and after. Then advertisers actually do this really well. Like tide. Tide is like, you know, they’ll show you, here’s your shirt before tide. Here’s the stain, here’s how easy it is to pour tied in.

[00:04:29] Here’s your life during tide. Here’s your life. After it’s been in tide, you now have a white shirt before, during, and after with a story I told you with the guy, the boils before. During dealing with the anger after being physically radiant. So why don’t you try and practice, tell me one of your favorite before, during, and after stories from one of your clients.

[00:04:51] Simone: [00:04:51] You know, it’s so funny, the one that’s coming to mind, actually it isn’t an acupuncture per se client. I let her retreat years ago and she came to this retreat in a space where for 40 years she had been dealing with asthma so acutely that. She was taking inhalers multiple times a day and had dark circles in her eyes and was tired all the time and wheezing, even within hearers.

[00:05:22] And we’re staying at this place in the mountains at elevation, like 7,000 feet. And you know, we did some acupuncture. This helped her, but I could tell there was an emotional issue underneath of it. And there was. A deeper uncovering, an unfolding to where this came from. And as we did medicine work, and as we sat with this and she was so committed the first day we did a hike all the way up then Tinaya, which is this famous Aquaman, and she wasn’t sure she could do it, and she’s a tap dancer.

[00:05:59] So [00:06:00] the whole time I just kept drumming for her and like. Getting a rhythm to help her move up the mountain. And you know, one step at a time we did it. And after that day it was like she broke free. And as we continue through this retreat, she realized that her mother didn’t want her in the womb and was trying to find her belly and all this stuff.

[00:06:24] And she just felt all this in her being and was able to let go to forgive. There was so much sadness that came out. It was amazing. And for a few months after the retreat, she was able to get off her inhalers. So basically I just was able to see a full transformation, you know, mind, body and spirit. Even your face.

[00:06:48] You know, this dark circles came out of her eyes. It was beautiful.

[00:06:51] Dane: [00:06:51] So you did before, during, and after with this woman and you were fairly light on the results. You are pretty heavy on process. There’s a fundamental essence of business. It’s a customer and a mechanism and a result. So what you got trained in for like eight years or however many years it was to be a doctor.

[00:07:16] Chinese medicine, that’s a mechanism. Customer wants a result. So we use a mechanism. You don’t say customers saying, ah, I want a mechanism used. Generally hear them saying, I want to feel better. I want to get rid of this pain. They won’t necessarily say I want to hike and take medicine journeys and you know, there is there for a result.

[00:07:38] Simone: [00:07:38] Yeah. I think in this story, and maybe I got a little lost in process because I don’t think her intention was actually to treat her asthma. I don’t think that she actually thought that that was even possible and feel like that would probably be a cool thing to say in this story. You know, like as we did our shares, she was kind of going more for the [00:08:00] emotional and spiritual part of the journey, but she ended up healing her physical body.

[00:08:05] As well. But I totally get what you’re saying. Well,

[00:08:10] Dane: [00:08:10] what you’re doing is very normal, by the way. Most folks have a really hard time wrapping their head around this to see, you know, cause you’ve been trained for 20 years to think about process and mechanism, and then you’ve got to sit there. You’re like, okay.

[00:08:22] So she didn’t want to heal her asthma, but she did want to feel better. She didn’t want to heal emotionally. Right. She did want those things and that’s a result. Are we on the same page there or are we still

[00:08:33] Simone: [00:08:33] the same pizza the whole time? Like why was I telling you that?

[00:08:37] Dane: [00:08:37] Well, because it’s a cool story, but here’s the thing.

[00:08:40] Try and tell it again and spend a minute on result and 30 seconds on before and 30 seconds on during. It will be difficult. We want to build the result brain. You said the circles disappeared from her eyes. Ooh, I’ve got circles underneath my eyes. I want those gone. Right. That’s good.

[00:08:58] Simone: [00:08:58] All right, so I led a retreat years ago, and there was a lady who came on this retreat who.

[00:09:05] Had been suffering with 40 years of asthma and she was always tired, always had bags in her eyes, lots of digestive issues as well, and she came on this retreats. We did this amazing process where she got to climb up at severe elevation. We went to about 10,000 feet, and this is a woman who is taking inhalers multiple times a day and still using.

[00:09:31] By the end of our journey, she was able to stop using her inhalers for a good two months afterwards. She was really light on inhalers as well. She continued to see me for acupuncture and was getting really awesome results with getting the inflammation out of her body. She felt like she had more energy.

[00:09:52] The bags in her eyes started to lighten and her whole spirit just seemed to glow from her body.

[00:10:00] [00:10:00] Dane: [00:10:00] If you’d like to get a free one on one with me and beyond this show, you can find out [email protected] forward slash podcast

[00:10:11] Simone: [00:10:11] she today still feels like this trip has helped her

[00:10:17] Dane: [00:10:17] keep going. Talk more about results, maybe dress up the ones you’ve already said.

[00:10:21] Glowing from her body. What did you mean by that?

[00:10:23] Simone: [00:10:23] Well, when I saw her before, she just looked super dark. Her skin was dark. Her eyes were very dark, big circles in her eyes. She kind of was like crouching over as well. So her posture was kind of contracted. And after this retreats, and. Even when I see her today, she looks lighter, her face is lighter, her skin is lightened up.

[00:10:46] Her eyes don’t look anywhere near as dark and the energy in her body, it just seems to move more gracefully. And she said to answers as well, so it’s not just when she dances, but I feel like just when I see her, she’s like more in her body and shining through.

[00:11:03] Dane: [00:11:03] That’s good. So it’s improved her dance cause she’s in her body more potentially.

[00:11:07] I

[00:11:08] Simone: [00:11:08] actually don’t know.

[00:11:09] Dane: [00:11:09] That’s where we want to try to go to like, Oh, do you dance better? Do you have sex better? Do you kiss better? Have you started making meals for yourself because you’re in your body is your brain no longer racing? She sleeps

[00:11:22] Simone: [00:11:22] better.

[00:11:23] Dane: [00:11:23] There you go. She sleeps better. How about her inhalers?

[00:11:26] Does she use those?

[00:11:27] Simone: [00:11:27] She’s still using them now. She hasn’t seen me for good years though, but you know, I’m so impressed after 40 years that she was able to really just did some the rest of the trip, and then for a couple months later, she was still using them lightly, whereas before she was using them almost every couple hours.

[00:11:47] Dane: [00:11:47] And that’s a quite a result.

[00:11:49] Simone: [00:11:49] It’s a big revolt.

[00:11:50] Dane: [00:11:50] Yeah. The part about talking about process. See you’ve got before and you’ve got after. Now when we’re doing during, you want to introduce [00:12:00] the element of surprise and element of surprises. It turned out that her mother did not want this child and tried to like squeeze her out of her belly and wrap this around this shooting, carrying this genetic shame that her mother had passed down to her.

[00:12:15] Like that would be like an element of during the hike I’m not so inclined about, because I mean the Heights cool, but like up 10,000 feeling like, Oh man, I don’t want to do all that. I just want the result.

[00:12:28] Simone: [00:12:28] I feel like it went out on the, during this last story telling

[00:12:32] Dane: [00:12:32] as good as this practice is, what we’re doing.

[00:12:34] This is so useful. So do it one more time and do it real short this time real short before real short, during real short, after, let me do it first. I’ll try and do it. This might help. So I had this client and she came to me. She had asthma for 40 years. She had her inhaler. She would do them every two hours.

[00:12:51] She had dark skin. Dark bags under her eyes. She slept way more than she wanted to. When she came to me, we started doing some work together. We went on a hike and we started doing some different processes during this hike, and then we had this huge surprise come where all this feelings of feeling unwanted by our mother came up and our mother had done some very severe things to her while she was in the womb.

[00:13:11] Anyway, she cried for a lot of the time, but it was authentic and it was healing and it was almost permanent. After that, almost in the same day, she stopped using her inhalers. For the time we were there, the bags under her eyes lifted. She slept better than she ever had in a long time. And fast forward to today.

[00:13:28] She’s just a almost a different person.

[00:13:31] Simone: [00:13:31] Yeah, it was good.

[00:13:32] Dane: [00:13:32] I like so, so bad and I’m like, okay, hopefully you can improve on it. Go ahead. Doing an admin, it’s tough, but I think it’s good practice before, during, and after.

[00:13:40] Simone: [00:13:40] Okay. So I had this woman who worked with me for 40 years. She’d been asthmatic using her inhaler at least a couple of times.

[00:13:49] Every hour, and she came on this journey with me. We did these amazing exercises, and she was able to tap into this ruining and this [00:14:00] emotional space for she realized that her mother didn’t want her bloom and did all these things that were really harmful to her, and she just had a huge emotional release.

[00:14:10] And through that. There was this big letting go. I saw the bags that were under her eyes lighten. She was able to ditch the inhalers for the rest of the time that we were together during this retreat, and she just felt like she had more energy. She’s sleeping better. Even today, she’s brighter, lighter, and I’m more integrated into her body.

[00:14:32] Dane: [00:14:32] Yeah, there was really nice move. We did a bunch of exercises and the during. So much better than 10,000 feet. I mean, if you’re running a Facebook ad towards people who like hiking gear, then you could probably tell that story. But people don’t like hiking. I would probably keep that on the DL.

[00:14:50] Simone: [00:14:50] And I guess I love this, and I’m learning a lot.

[00:14:53] I think one of the things that I want to be able to translate for my business, I don’t know if you know what my businesses, so basically we have a community acupuncture center where we. Cheat, multiple people in the same room helps lower the cost, makes it more accessible, and that’s really part of my huge mission is to help holistic care be accessible.

[00:15:14] And my biggest challenge with telling stories is we just treat so many different types of people. And I keep hearing you need to pick a niche and pick. Something to focus on to obviously be able to target and be more effective with marketing and whatever like this.

[00:15:32] Dane: [00:15:32] Well, I can get up and tell you that you could have five niches.

[00:15:34] You just need five different advertisements, five different landing pages, and they could still all come to the same acupuncture place. You just have five different pieces of marketing instead of one.

[00:15:44] Simone: [00:15:44] And so it’s just telling the story for each one of those. Yeah. I think because I’m still so start up, you know what?

[00:15:53] I keep hearing from my other mentors to focus really on one and kind of start there.

[00:16:00] [00:16:00] Dane: [00:16:00] I got started back in entrepreneurship when I was 21 or 22 in my parents’ basement and it was so much trial and error. I didn’t have a proven path that I could follow. I had so much guesswork, so much risk, so much failure.

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[00:16:30] You’ll be first in line to get this comprehensive book that you can use to start a business when you’re insecure, when you don’t have ideas, when you have little confidence, no expertise, little time, and no money. This book is the path on how to start when you’re at zero prior to the book right now as start from zero.com let’s get back to the episode.

[00:16:52] Simone: [00:16:52] And that’s been really hard for me because you know, obviously there’s finances behind the marketing engines and everything like that. So telling five different stories and that kind of thing. I liked this idea. How feasible is it for me if my resources are really

[00:17:06] Dane: [00:17:06] limited? Every marketing thing, Simone, make some money the second you run it.

[00:17:09] So like you pay $100 to run an ad, you’d make 500 if you don’t, you stop it.

[00:17:14] Simone: [00:17:14] Yeah, I guess this just hasn’t been my experience so far. I’ve done the Google ad thing. I’ve done a little bit in the Facebook ad thing. I, I’ve done some ads through Yelp. And

[00:17:26] Dane: [00:17:26] did you ever tell stories in any of them?

[00:17:28] Simone: [00:17:28] No. And so that’s definitely where I’m wanting to go with this.

[00:17:32] And I guess, what is the best way to tell a story

[00:17:35] Dane: [00:17:35] before, during, after works real well?

[00:17:37] Simone: [00:17:37] I mean, is it, you know, so I’m getting on a video and putting that in a Facebook app, or what would you say is the strategy of how to get my story out there?

[00:17:46] Dane: [00:17:46] Well, it wouldn’t be your story. It would be the story of the client.

[00:17:50] And it’s just so happens like in terms of when I teach scaling in terms of like how to scale a business, it’s best done through storytelling of the clients. It’s called proof marketing. You know, [00:18:00] just show your results. We talked about customer wants a result, so we use a mechanism, but to really embed this in, if you go to like, let’s try this out, I’m going to go to yelp.com and I’m going to go to someplace like Chicago and I’m gonna type in acupuncture.

[00:18:16] Now as I pull this up, there is moon rabbit, acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, 14 reviews. Deep roots in nature medicine. So we’ll click on this one and now we’re going to go to her website. Deep roots. Okay, so you come to deep roots and because deep roots, natural medicine, acupuncture and functional medicine, South loop Chicago.

[00:18:40] Is she talking about results or mechanism? No. Yeah. She’s talking about mechanism. I’m talking about her brand, her name, acupuncture and bumps from medicine. She’s not talking about results. This is a woman that has 14 five star reviews on Yelp. She’s probably doing very well and she’s still not talking about results.

[00:18:58] Simone: [00:18:58] I’m looking at mine right now and I’m like, what do I say?

[00:19:00] Dane: [00:19:00] What’s your website?

[00:19:01] Simone: [00:19:01] Well, the website is sourced, empowered wellness.com the short is STW, aacu.com and then I’m going onto my Yelp. Just cause that’s where you were. And yeah, we were totally not even mentioning results.

[00:19:16] Dane: [00:19:16] Well, no. You’ve got feel pain free and vital.

[00:19:19] Now

[00:19:19] Simone: [00:19:19] on the website,

[00:19:21] Dane: [00:19:21] partner with us for your longterm health goals. That’s mechanism. Longterm health goals could be a little bit of result. San Diego’s top rated acupuncture and herbal medicine clinic. That’s social proof. That’s good. Services, addiction and detox. Pain empowerment. So what was the keyword that you were running on?

[00:19:37] Google ad words.

[00:19:39] Simone: [00:19:39] Hey management are low back

[00:19:41] Dane: [00:19:41] pain. Great. And then if they type that out and did the ad say something about low back pain, and if they clicked on that, where would it go?

[00:19:49] Simone: [00:19:49] Eric? Go to our website.

[00:19:50] Dane: [00:19:50] The home page. So there’s where you lost because the person clicking on an ad that says back pain removal, and then they come here and it says, partner with [00:20:00] us for longterm health.

[00:20:00] What? No, I’m here for my back pain. San Diego is top-rated. Oh, I don’t even know if acupuncture will work for me. I don’t want this. SIA.

[00:20:08] Simone: [00:20:08] I’m losing my after story by not having a landing page for each one of those.

[00:20:12] Dane: [00:20:12] Yeah. So each Google ad, if it’s different topic, would have its own landing page and they’re fast to make.

[00:20:18] Cause you have one template, you just change out the headline. The fastest way to remove your back pain with acupuncture, you may be wondering if acupuncture is right for you. Well, so did Bob. Bob was 62 and he came to me with X, Y, Zed, and he had this problem and then he came and during was the most amazing time of his life.

[00:20:33] In fact, you got to watch ESPN while he had needles in his arm and then, you know, then after he actually walked out the chair and say out, I could completely calm down. He never thought acupuncture would work for back pain. Maybe you can try and see if it’ll work for you before, during, after back pain.

[00:20:46] Awesome. So that sounds really good to me. It’s clear. Can you see how it’s clear? I mean, back pains are really expensive keyword too. You know, you got physical therapy businesses that are competing on that. You’ve got hospital surgeries.

[00:21:01] Simone: [00:21:01] Surgery. Yeah. All kinds of people

[00:21:03] Dane: [00:21:03] for sure. And then you got, you know, $40 for a back pain treatment, you’re going to get slaughtered.

[00:21:08] Simone: [00:21:08] It’s been really frustrating to me because, I mean, I’ve built my business basically on word of mouth,

[00:21:13] Dane: [00:21:13] right. Because the results are there for clients

[00:21:16] Simone: [00:21:16] and the clients love us. And you know, like on Yelp for instance, that person has 14 reviews. We have 77 I started reviews. But it’s just getting people in the door that you know, like I think I just keep losing people.

[00:21:30] That’s been crushing. Like marketing in general has been really frustrating to me.

[00:21:34] Dane: [00:21:34] Yeah. This’ll be a big shift because you’ve gone from partner that’s for longterm health too. Talking about the results and then matching those results to stories.

[00:21:43] Simone: [00:21:43] So let’s go back to that. At the homepage, you’re saying put the results there.

[00:21:48] Well, that’s for the landing page, right? Like each landing page needs to be directly focused. But what should I say on my homepage? Then?

[00:21:55] Dane: [00:21:55] Feel better in 30 minutes or your money back. [00:22:00] Or just taking a note from dominoes, you know, hot, fresh pizza delivered in 30 minutes or it’s free. We’re doing the same thing.

[00:22:05] That’s a very common headline formula and result that a customer wants in a specific period of time while you address it. Objection, hot fries, pizza in 30 minutes or it’s free. You feel better in 30 minutes or your money pack,

[00:22:16] Simone: [00:22:16] and that doesn’t seem too salesy for a medical service.

[00:22:19] Dane: [00:22:19] No, I think it is a medical service.

[00:22:21] You’d probably get floods of people cause I’d be like, Oh my God, someone’s got balls to say that. But if you had feel better and 30 minutes or your money back, totally, completely triple guaranteed, you know, like that, that would sound

[00:22:33] Simone: [00:22:33] lame. But

[00:22:35] Dane: [00:22:35] feel better in 30 minutes of your money back is. Pretty cool.

[00:22:38] If you had feel better in 30 minutes or your money back with over 77 five star reviews tobacco us. That’s why we can make such a claim like this.

[00:22:48] Simone: [00:22:48] I’m just wondering if it’s legal. I have to ask around about that piece, but yeah,

[00:22:53] Dane: [00:22:53] as far as legal,

[00:22:54] Simone: [00:22:54] Oh, just like the money back. I don’t know if I can like put a claim like a guarantee on a medical.

[00:23:00] Dane: [00:23:00] So we want to develop your meta pattern recognition. So a lot of times. People will get caught in the weeds and like, Oh, I can’t do this, but if we look at the meta pattern or your money back. That’s just removing the risk of someone taking a chance to work with you. So if you can’t do your money back, then there’s another way to remove the risk of the chances that I’m working with you.

[00:23:21] You know? So you could say, feel better in 30 minutes, or your session is free. Feel better in 30 minutes or your sessions on us. I’d go to the chiropractor that says, your neck or back hurt. If you don’t feel better at the end of our first session, I’ll pay for it for you. I go to that chiropractor in a heartbeat.

[00:23:38] Simone: [00:23:38] Yeah, totally.

[00:23:39] Dane: [00:23:39] You would too.

[00:23:39] Simone: [00:23:39] Yeah. I mean, I guarantee in one session the person’s going to be a hundred percent better, but usually everybody feels better to some degree after the session.

[00:23:50] Dane: [00:23:50] Yeah. So we refined this, right. So the principle is guarantee a result. Or your money back. So now we work to refine it.

[00:23:59] So how can we [00:24:00] refine it? Well, what do the 77 five star reviews all say, Oh, they might say, I feel more relaxed. You know, it’s like above the site. Are you triggered in fight or flight mode? Feel more relaxed and 30 minutes, or we’ll pay for your session. So this is why marketing can be really exciting.

[00:24:21] You’re very clear about a result. You’re very clear about who you’re targeting. You tell stories. You just effortlessly kind of be better than everyone else.

[00:24:29] Simone: [00:24:29] Well, thank you. I feel like I learned a lot about storytelling actually. It’s so simple, but I think when it comes to framing it for specifically business too, and you know, sometimes I get lost in the process part because it’s like.

[00:24:45] I’m so in it with that person, but I forget that I’m telling this story for someone else and I think that’s the piece that I need to also harness for myself when I’m telling a story is that who is this story for?

[00:24:57] Dane: [00:24:57] So I have issues that come up very sneak Illy and sometimes they’ll go on to the surface.

[00:25:02] If I met a cognition isn’t built up. Metacognition being I’m not able to see my thoughts in certain areas as clearly as I’d like. One issue I’ve had is just being able to pull a sense of value and stay there. For myself or for my work, ultimately for myself. So when it comes to talking about a result where it would be very clear that I demonstrated value, I’d be like, Oh yeah.

[00:25:25] And then they were afraid. All right. That’s it. Cause to articulate the results that my clients would get with me and I would have to come face to face the fact that I added value to someone. And that can be very confronting if it has been confronting. So, you know, I’ve got 15 students, at least there’s more.

[00:25:43] That are multimillionaire, or at least millionaire, many of them, multimillionaire that I’ve taught. And when I say that, I have to sort of dissociate from the part that believes that I’m worthless, and it’s only an aspect of myself, it’s not who I am. Right. So [00:26:00] that’s why I’m able to speak about this, cause I’m not too identified with it.

[00:26:03] They’re just feelings. So what I wanted to say though, when it comes to telling these stories, it requires a lot of presence and connection. You know, it’s actually quite easy to stay on present and be in the mechanism because you know it so well. Your mind shuts off. You’re just kind of drudging through the mechanism.

[00:26:19] You know, I need to hear a needle here, a needle here. It can be easy cause you’ve got the structures all built for it. You could just run when it comes to bringing in the before and the after. If you have any issues with articulating sings a value or if you have any issues being forecasted, which I don’t think you do, but I think other people might, which is why I’m sharing this.

[00:26:38] It’s important. I’ve got a friend of mine who’s a very successful email marketing consultant. He does really, really well. He does email marketing for eCommerce companies. So people that sell yarn and tennis shoes will help you write emails that say, you know, don’t let these shoes run away from your shopping cart.

[00:26:54] You know, really cool stuff. And it drives sales. He has yet to get testimonials from his clients and put them on his website. He can’t get himself to send an email because the value that delivers will be staring at him straight in the face. So, you know, I think it’s a very nice gift to see a business so passionate about clearly articulating their results their clients get.

[00:27:16] And if you had a website that said. Could it really be possible that you could feel better and only 30 minutes come try acupuncture and see why 77 other people have given us a five star review and now you don’t even have the money back thing in there anymore. It’s could it really be possible that you could feel that much better in 30 minutes.

[00:27:37] Well, come see why 77 people have given us a five star review. And then underneath that you have like a screenshot of every review just littered on your site. But the page just scrolls and scrolls and scrolls with results. And before long, you’re like, my God. So marketing is very frustrating when you don’t talk about results.

[00:27:57] It’s also very frustrating when you don’t choose to tell [00:28:00] stories. It’s also very frustrating when you haven’t been trained in it. And you’ve spent, how many years did it take to become a doctor or Chinese medicine?

[00:28:07] Simone: [00:28:07] Six and a half.

[00:28:08] Dane: [00:28:08] Okay. So imagine if you just spent one year actually studying marketing instead of just trying what you think works like one year you actually studied marketing.

[00:28:17] My recommendation is you maybe even look at hiring like a digital marketing consultant.

[00:28:23] Simone: [00:28:23] Done that. I’ve done a couple of different things and I’ll hired somebody to do a lead generation website for us as well. That didn’t pan out at all. We still haven’t seen any ROI on that. Yes. It’s acupuncture of San diego.com

[00:28:42] Dane: [00:28:42] how much do they charge you for?

[00:28:43] This.

[00:28:44] Simone: [00:28:44] Well at the end of the day, I probably spend about eight grand and yeah, it’s handout.

[00:28:53] Dane: [00:28:53] I don’t see acupuncture, San diego.com coming up. I got it. I just have to notice real acupuncture. Yeah, this is,

[00:29:03] Simone: [00:29:03] yeah. I mean, I like the idea and he sold me on the idea that there would be a lot of content, which just organically farms people into the site, and I liked the idea of being able to talk to clients.

[00:29:17] And you know, get them warmed up to the idea cause a lot of people are scared of acupuncture. I think that’s our biggest barrier is when I say needles, people are like, I don’t know.

[00:29:28] Dane: [00:29:28] And yet that’s nowhere on your site.

[00:29:30] Simone: [00:29:30] You mean on my other website or on this one

[00:29:33] Dane: [00:29:33] is no nowhere. I don’t see anything about, are you afraid of needles?

[00:29:36] I don’t see that anywhere.

[00:29:38] Simone: [00:29:38] Should put on my

[00:29:39] Dane: [00:29:39] phone. Oh yes. Oh my gosh. Absolutely. You address those objections head on.

[00:29:44] Simone: [00:29:44] Okay. I guess I’ve been sweeping it down with the drug thinking, you know, if people are brave enough to think about it and try it for

[00:29:52] Dane: [00:29:52] me, well that can be true. It depends on who you’re trying to reach, but I’m sure that there is a very powerful story that you could [00:30:00] tell.

[00:30:00] That gets people to think, Holy crap, I have to try acupuncture. And right at that point that they’re thinking that you could say why the needles are not something to be afraid of. Do you have a client who is potentially like a woman who’s over 45 who had anxiety but she feels better now?

[00:30:17] Simone: [00:30:17] Most of our clients,

[00:30:19] Dane: [00:30:19] so imagine a Facebook ad targeted towards 45 and up that says.

[00:30:25] Have you ever met Fred? He’s from San Diego and he has terrible anxiety. He tried working out, he tried doctors, he tried prescription pills, he tried this, he tried gyms, he tried, etc. Etc. But he never tried acupuncture cause he was afraid of the needles. Then one day decided I can handle anything for 30 minutes.

[00:30:46] So he came in to try acupuncture for 30 minutes. He stopped doing everything else. He stopped wasting his time. He’s only does acupuncture. He’s anxiety free.

[00:30:54] Simone: [00:30:54] It’s so short, simple and just send that.

[00:30:57] Dane: [00:30:57] Yeah. If you ran, so you have eight grand right. So imagine for eight grand, that’s $8,100 chunks and 160 $50 chunks.

[00:31:08] So you can run these Facebook ads and set a cap of $100 on an ad or $50 on an ad. It said you have eight grand and Facebook ads. In $100 per ad, you have 80 different advertisements that you would try. I guarantee you few of those are going to work and then you just keep running those and you don’t even need a website for it.

[00:31:32] You know? It’s a Facebook ad and then it has a send a message to see if we have room for you today. We only have so many spots available, so then they send a message that goes right into Facebook messenger and you’re like, Oh yeah, go here to book an appointment.

[00:31:45] Simone: [00:31:45] I like this.

[00:31:46] Dane: [00:31:46] What are you thinking about right now?

[00:31:47] Simone: [00:31:47] Well, I’m about to launch a Facebook ad

[00:31:53] and they want to go to it. The landing page is source acu.com

[00:31:58] Dane: [00:31:58] really committed to this,

[00:32:00] [00:31:59] Simone: [00:31:59] and I don’t really like it at all. I think it’s terrible. And the sad part to me is I, it’s part of the mentorship that I signed up for and this is what they created. I don’t know. I’m not sure that it’s the thing. You know when you have a feeling and it’s just kind of crunchy in your stomach.

[00:32:17] I feel like there’s still a lot of spelling mistakes on it, and I’ve just been getting really frustrated with the people I’m working with and I’m just feeling like I’m again at a place where like, I’m closer to telling a story, but I like what you just said much better and there’s so much more on the line for what these guys created for me and I’m just like, uh,

[00:32:36] Dane: [00:32:36] yeah.

[00:32:37] You don’t even need a website really. You know, there’s so much money to be made, Simone, when you do things right, there’s a lot of money to be made. You know, I had a friend of mine, he was making an extra 30 or 40 grand a month on this thing that he did. I was just shaking my head. It’s like, good Lord, that’s so much extra money.

[00:32:55] And he’s like, and he just says he had to do, there’s so much money to be made when you do the right things. Right.

[00:32:59] Simone: [00:32:59] I would love to be doing the right things and it’s not even about the money, it’s just helping. Helping people. Yeah. Letting them know this is an option. I can’t tell you how many times people say, you know, like, I’ve tried this, this, this, this, this is my last resort.

[00:33:14] I don’t know what else to do. And then they start getting results with us and it’s like they just didn’t even know it was an option really.

[00:33:21] Dane: [00:33:21] So that is a perfect thing to put in a Facebook ad text. This was my last resort. I had tried everything else. I finally decided to try acupuncture. This quote comes from Bob.

[00:33:32] Bob had XYZ problem. Then he was equivalent of watching ESPN or laughing and talking with other people who are crazy enough to have needles in them too, and then take a picture. Just say, Hey, can we take a picture of you after every acupuncture? You just have pictures of people beaming smiles, and then it’s just, that’s it.

[00:33:49] And STEM that picture smiles. And as a send message, if you’d like to see if there’s spots for you, send a message. They won’t even need to see a website. You don’t need a website. Just have everything go right into messenger.

[00:34:00] [00:33:59] Simone: [00:33:59] So this is the landing page thing.

[00:34:02] Dane: [00:34:02] You know, it’s really good to get some data and send, because in business to sometimes it’s really important to not necessarily trust your intuition or trust your feelings, but to actually like use data.

[00:34:14] Right. And so I would get some data to confirm your hunch cause this is nice. You got testimonials on here. It’s a one on one session. It’s a free 20 minute one on one session. It’s close to results, you know, discover how to eliminate pain and get to the root of your conditions. Customize holistic health automation plan.

[00:34:29] That’s too much mechanism. Too much feature. But at the same time it could work. You know, it’s the secret to rapid healing is getting customized health plans. Like that’s a better headline because it’s like, Oh yeah, it is, and then you can get one for free 20 and then like. This could work pretty well.

[00:34:46] You’re close. So I would validate that with a hunch, but then no, those other Facebook ads and on Decem go right into messenger and started having a heyday.

[00:34:55] Simone: [00:34:55] All right.

[00:34:55] Dane: [00:34:55] You know, like how many patients do you see a day?

[00:34:58] Simone: [00:34:58] It depends. I would say we see anywhere from 10 to 50 it just,

[00:35:05] Dane: [00:35:05] okay, so you have two or three people that just looked like they had great results.

[00:35:10] Ask them if you can take their picture. And they say yes, and that becomes your ad that you write tomorrow and you tell the quick little before, during, after you get that thing fired up, you started fire off in 10 minutes. You’re spending 10 minutes on a fricking ad once a day and you keep running ads.

[00:35:26] You’ve got your machine, you’re ready to go.

[00:35:28] Simone: [00:35:28] Good job. Thank you.

[00:35:30] Dane: [00:35:30] So listen, if you’d like to offer feedback on this episode, we would treasure that. Let us know what you want more of and what you want less of for this show and we’ll make sure we try to incorporate that. You can email the feedback to hello, start from zero.com just put feedback in the subject line.

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[00:37:05] Let’s do this.

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