SFZ 010: Collette Learns How To Make $100,000 Per Month

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Show Summary
Collette is sitting on a gold mine. See what I tell her.
Show Notes
She just got her yoga teacher training. Listen to why I tell her to ignore that.

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Episode Transcript

[00:01:12] Today I’m talking to Colette Colette, where in the world are you at today?

[00:01:16] Guest: [00:01:16] I am in Coronado, California, in San Diego, and it’s beautiful here.

[00:01:21] Dane: [00:01:21] Very good. And what’s your big goal right now?

[00:01:25] Guest: [00:01:25] My big financial goal right now is to do 100,000 a month residual

[00:01:29] Dane: [00:01:29] income. Okay, good. And can you share with us where you’re starting

[00:01:32] Guest: [00:01:32] right now at about $150

[00:01:38] Dane: [00:01:38] 99.985%. Off. So that’s amazing. So I wanted to start by saying that before we hit record, you said you had just got your yoga teacher license, and what I want to say is if you want to get to $100,000 a month residual, there’s a dormant part of your brain that [00:02:00] hasn’t been trained that we’re going to need to build.

[00:02:02] So first I want to give you clear as day definitions and like clear as day language so that we can’t lie to ourself. And we can’t fool ourself into not doing it or over-complicate. So the first is we’re going to have you have one sheet of paper for this call, and I want you to write down the a hundred thousand dollars per month residual.

[00:02:24] And first, let’s just like bust through any potential beliefs against it. And I’ll just let you know that it’s very possible to do that. Yay. So the first is $100,000 per month income. Now the next thing is, I want to say it’s definitely possible, so let’s just make it really clear. So you could sell a thousand products at $100 you could sell a hundred products at $1,000 you could sell 200 products at $500 a hundred thousand dollars per month income is around 3,333 or something.

[00:02:57] Per day. Let’s call it $3,000 per day. Are you okay making $3,000 per day?

[00:03:04] Guest: [00:03:04] Yes.

[00:03:05] Dane: [00:03:05] Yeah, that’s 90 grand a month for simple math. We could also make it a hundred but, well, you said a hundred and I need to listen to you and we’re going to honor your goal. It’s very important to, to stay true to what the person wants.

[00:03:16] So it is 3,333 so that’s what you could do. So in terms of residual income, you could make a YouTube channel and have really Epic content. And then, let’s see, if we look at, for example, so I Google how many views on a YouTube video to make $1,000. So your video will need around half a million views to earn $1,000.

[00:03:39] So $2 per thousand views is what the standard is. Let’s just round up to 4,000 let’s say you’re gonna make 120 grand a month. We’ll just, we’ll round up. So 4,000 divided by two is going to be 2000 so 2000 times 1000 so if you get videos and you have 20 million views on your videos a month and you’re making $2 per a [00:04:00] thousand views,

[00:04:01] Guest: [00:04:01] I don’t have to get all the money from one place.

[00:04:05] Dane: [00:04:05] It’s best. It’s really good to focus in the book that I have coming out, which I highly recommend you get that book and read it. You’ll see how to build $100,000 per month residual brain. One of the first. Rules in there is the Cardinal rule of successful entrepreneurship. That Cardinal rule is that we don’t get to decide what works.

[00:04:23] So if we don’t get to decide what works, some stuff’s going to hit so big, and most stuff’s gonna do okay. And then the rest of the stuff’s not going to hit it all. And then what happens is we like resentful. We’re like, this thing should be a thing that gets big, but we don’t get to decide that. So if we’re not deciding that you’re going to experiment with all these different things, and then when you see that thing that really seems to resonate, if you focus your energy there, you know, see, I have friends.

[00:04:49] It’s very easy for them to make 100,000 a month because they have courses that they sell for $1,000 and all they need to do is get a hundred sales a month. That means they’ve got to find three people a day to buy a product, right? That’s that space. But I want to exercise our brain here in a different way than I have on other episodes.

[00:05:06] So if you’re going to make. $1,000 per half million views, or if you’re going to make $2 per a thousand views, that means 10,000 views is $20 so a hundred thousand views is going to be $200 and then a million views is going to be $2,000. So if we want you making $4,000 a day on YouTube, you’re going to need 2 million views per day.

[00:05:30] Now, I want to explain something to you because I’ve said this on so many podcasts, and people may end up even rolling their eyes at it. They’ve heard it so many times on the podcast now, but if you can for the first time, and then I’m going to sort of break. The rule. So the fundamental spinal cord of an income stream comes down to a customer using a mechanism of some kind to get a result.

[00:05:51] So you got a golfer that wants to improve their game, so they get golf lessons. You’ve got someone who wants to get more spiritual so they can have more [00:06:00] access to source, love God energy. So they do yoga. Okay. So this is so exciting because my yoga teacher today, he’s amazing. He’s asking me amazing. He’s actually read like every spiritual text and word he can from Yogananda.

[00:06:14] Right? Like the guy who brought yoga to America, like, and he’s read like every word of that. And I’m like, dang. Now that’s a high level of study. I mean, that’s stuff, it takes a special patient brain to read that, right? So he’s as gifted as they come as a technician, and most people come to me as experts or technicians.

[00:06:33] So in terms of training, you have. Skills that you can build the trade time for money and skills that you can build to have money be more automatic. If you’re a technician, you’re exchanging your time for money. Now, he told me, you know, I’ve been an entrepreneur for five or 10 years or whatever, and so at the end I said, listen, I’m going to just tell you a couple of things.

[00:06:51] One, you’re not an entrepreneur. You’re a technician and that’s okay, you’re a bad ass technician, but we need to build that bad-ass entrepreneur brain. Now, because entrepreneurs are not technicians. They hire technicians. So entrepreneurs go customer and result hire mechanism. Entrepreneurs go into an insurance office.

[00:07:16] With insurance agents and they sit with all the insurance agents and they say, what do you guys dream to have as a result? And the insurance agents are clients that want big insurance policies. So then he goes out and researches different experts in different mechanisms that could help him do that, and then builds the business around that.

[00:07:35] That’s how business becomes abundant. So like a real literal abundance. Is that you no longer seek to be technician and you outsource that. So that’s what I told him. I said, listen, if you want to build an entrepreneurial brain, you’re going to now need to learn selling and outsourcing, how to sell and how to outsource.

[00:07:52] Now you just got your yoga teacher training. Imagine if you just gotten sales and outsourcing training. Imagine if you’ve got a sales and outsourcing [00:08:00] certificate. You’d go out and sell stuff. And then you’d outsource people to put it in place. You’d have a beautiful business brain and it’d be so abundant because you wouldn’t need to be limited to your area of expertise.

[00:08:11] So this is what I said in a lot of podcasts. Now, here’s where I want to break it. If you want to be a technician, because I had somebody on the show definitely say, listen, I want to be a technician. I said, okay, well we can do it this way, but if you want to be a technician that makes a lot of money. Then for example, starting a YouTube channel where you share your technical area of expertise.

[00:08:32] Would work. But even then, so many of us get obsessed with sharing our area of expertise and we end up trying to sell our values to another person and they don’t buy that. So have you ever had any ideas for a YouTube channel?

[00:08:46] Guest: [00:08:46] Well, as you were talking, I was thinking, so going back to your finding technicians, if I was going to start like a yoga channel, I would find really high level yoga teachers and interview them.

[00:09:01] And then have technicians do all the woodwork. So then the only thing I would really do is the interview, right?

[00:09:07] Dane: [00:09:07] That is freaky. How fast you’re picking this up. It’s close. It’s close. Your only issue is, it’s probably gonna take a while to get to 2 million views a day, you know? So you’d have to front load quite a bit of money.

[00:09:20] The hardest and most difficult thing to get and build online is an audience and their attention, right? It’s not to make a successful product. One of my buddies, he has a business model where he takes people who have audiences and he helps them add products and they just explode and make money right away because they just plug a product into the attention of that audience.

[00:09:42] So ideally you want to build your own audience. If you build your own audience and you build your own audience by giving pretty unique content that they can’t get anywhere else around a really unique problem, but you’ll build an audience very quickly. If you teach downward dog, you’re probably screwed.

[00:10:00] [00:10:00] If you’d like to get a free one on one with me and beyond the show, you can find out [email protected] forward slash podcast. Right? But if you teach, you know, downward dog to MMA fighters, so they don’t tap out as fast because they know how to relax their nervous system. And so they don’t get exhausted as quickly because they know yoga.

[00:10:21] Now that’s a pretty cool niche. Yoga for MMA, right?

[00:10:27] Guest: [00:10:27] Cause one of the younger classes that I teach right now is yoga for manifestation. And so, um, incorporate manifestation techniques into my class. So, you know, there’s like sensation feeling, the feelings of that having, so all of the,

[00:10:40] Dane: [00:10:40] Oh you guys, so we have, as an entrepreneur, you’ve got a customer and a result.

[00:10:45] Then the mechanism could be a dozen things. So as an entrepreneur. We probably aren’t thinking about yoga

[00:10:52] Guest: [00:10:52] exactly, but you need to be because everyone should be, because our muscles literally in case our bones and we can’t move if we don’t do yoga, so everybody should do.

[00:11:05] Dane: [00:11:05] Right. So unfortunately. You saying that does not inspire me to do yoga?

[00:11:11] Guest: [00:11:11] You’re already doing yoga.

[00:11:12] Dane: [00:11:12] Well, yeah, but if you asked me why I’m doing yoga is a deep desire to actualize my potential, to feel really good in my body, to allow my nervous system to not be exhausted, and that it’s not yoga that I care about. It’s just what yoga does is so ridiculously amazing that you really can’t compete with it.

[00:11:32] So as an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t talk to me about yoga. So this is the brain you want to build. The brain you want to build is who’s my customer and what result do they want? So if you’re thinking entrepreneurs, and then you’re thinking yoga, you’re still in a technician’s mind to switch over to entrepreneur mind, you’re going to think entrepreneur.

[00:11:51] And then you’re going to think, so the best businesses, Colette in general, are built around a severely painful problem, like severe levels of [00:12:00] pain, like helping a woman get pregnant. Who can’t get pregnant. Imagine the lengths that she would go to to solve that problem. So visceral level of pain. So if you were to target a customer of entrepreneur and then you were to target a severely painful problem that an entrepreneur faces and you were to find out a deep result that they want, I’m pretty sure that you could subtly and sneakily bring in a 10 minute yoga routine once a day.

[00:12:31] For two weeks around their greatest pain and problem, so they find an elegant way through that issue. That’s sort of the through line if you’re really wanting to do yoga, but truly if you can surrender. The desire for to be a Reiki healer or the yoga practitioner or the functional medicine doctor, and to sit with the entrepreneur like so your first step really and $100,000 per month business is very possible, and you do it as a technician.

[00:12:59] If you want to be the expert, you can do a YouTube channel, but if you want to do more of the entrepreneur route, you customer result and higher mechanism. Or think of the mechanism last and still do it, but you think of mechanism last, you think of customer first results second, mechanism third. Okay, so tell me what it’s like to be in your brain right now.

[00:13:17] Guest: [00:13:17] So it doesn’t have to be yoga. You know, like I’m open to other things. I’m kind of like you with music. Like I just want to teach yoga for the uneven, like. I don’t really expect the money to come from it, but like I want something to fund my life so that I can teach yoga and lead retreats and do my energy clearing and the abuse cycle in the world and all the things that are on my heart and just like have that funded with a business.

[00:13:47] Was the Julie.

[00:13:48] Dane: [00:13:48] Just as a random side note. Tell me, do you have any other ideas of around making money that you thought of

[00:13:54] Guest: [00:13:54] eCommerce

[00:13:55] Dane: [00:13:55] website? So there’s another concept for a future book I’m thinking of writing [00:14:00] called listen and grow rich. And the thing with listening is there’s usually something right in front of you.

[00:14:07] That I could never likely guess. That is probably way better than what I could advise. And you think about it vice right under your nose and it’s something people ask you for. They ask about, but you haven’t really had maybe much interest in doing or you think it’s even stupid that they’re asking about it.

[00:14:26] But it seems to be a common theme that people come to you for, but you’re so quick to dismiss it. You can’t even see it. So I’m going to give you a couple of examples. One of my top students, he’s probably at a hundred grand a month now, so his customer was financial planners, and so he’s trying to find the pain and result that they wanted.

[00:14:45] And so he was emailing them every day and emailing them was a real pain in the butt. So you happen to be a programmer. So he wrote this little script. Where we can put the emails, then hit send, and it would just go out to all the financial planners. Then he could come back a few days later and hit another button and it would take out everybody who replied.

[00:15:01] To the email and then send a follow up to everyone who didn’t reply yet through together in like less than a day. Well, he told someone that that’s what he was doing and they asked if they could buy that script and he got angry and he said, no, I’m trying to find a problem with financial planners. Leave me alone.

[00:15:19] Finally, after enough people asked, he unknowingly said, all right, just give me nine bucks. And then he sent them the script person paid him on PayPal at nine bucks. Then he finally woke up today, that business will probably do over a hundred grand this month, but he didn’t want to do it. We don’t get to decide what works.

[00:15:36] Colette, have you heard of Slack, the chat program? No. Slack is like a online chat for businesses. It’s very famous in the business world, like pretty much every business uses Slack. Even nonprofits use Slack. I wouldn’t be surprised if some public schools use it. I bet there’s some families that use it, but it’s a slack.com they were building a video game that nobody wanted and to make that video game.

[00:15:58] They were really annoyed by the [00:16:00] problem of email. For years, people have asked me about a book, something simple that they could read that was completely comprehensive, that would help them learn how to start a business when they have no ideas, no money, no experience, no real expertise. When they’re insecure, when they don’t have confidence.

[00:16:21] How do you start from zero? How do you start a business when you don’t even believe that you could actually help someone in the first place? It’s all documented. There’s now a path. It’s a book. It’s called start from zero and you can preorder it right now. Going to start from zero.com and click on preorder, so you’re first in line to read this remarkable book.

[00:16:42] There are over 15 different examples of employees, many who became millionaires in four years’ time. It’s absolutely possible, and you can do it when you get the right training. Go get that book right now. Start from zero.com and click on preorder. Let’s get back to the episode.

[00:17:02] So they made this little quick chat app to talk to each other back and forth. Well, nobody wanted the video game, but everybody wanted that chat app that they use to solve their own problem. Just like Jeremy made the script to solve his own problem, not thinking anybody would really care about it. And then people are like, I really want that.

[00:17:18] So it’s right in front of them. I could go on, cause these examples is so common. What I’m getting at is we don’t get to decide what works underneath of that is we often blatantly ignore what works. Is there something in your space that you hear people talk about a lot around you?

[00:17:39] Guest: [00:17:39] I mean, I’ve been trying, I’ve been thinking while you’re talking, I mean, most of the common problems that people come to me with are usually either dating related.

[00:17:49] I have dating products. Or whether they’re just stressed out in general. Like people come to me because they’re just feeling like overwhelmed and [00:18:00] they’re overthinking.

[00:18:01] Dane: [00:18:01] Let’s reset for a second. We’re going to activate some intelligence here, so place your attention on your hips. Now I want you to activate that happiness that you live from.

[00:18:10] Can. I know you’re really happy person, that spark of happiness and let me know when you can feel that. So the place of happiness. Tell me about this dating product. Yeah.

[00:18:22] Guest: [00:18:22] So I was single for like eight years to go for a really long time, and it was just cause like deep down I was actually terrified of dating.

[00:18:33] So that’s where it was at the core of that and the end observing this, like I had a bad breakup with a guy and. He just made me feel really bad about who I was as a person. And so like I never wanted to experience that again. And so I self sabotaged and I did things like dating guys that I wasn’t that interested in and having friends with benefits, but I really wanted more things like that.

[00:19:00] Like I did all of those things. And then I was like, 30. Six and I was like, you know, it might be nice to get married, you know? So I decided like I wanted to learn how to have health relationships. I want to learn how to communicate better. I wanted to learn how to just be in love with myself. So I did all that.

[00:19:20] And then I needed to know that it was possible for me to have someone, you know, to have a partner in my life that really was gonna love me. For me. And support me. So I had to like read the program, my whole brain, basically around relationships. And then I basically started becoming very like scientific about the whole thing.

[00:19:43] So I had to make it fun. I had to like trick myself into dating. So I’m like, okay, I’m gonna use dating and I’m going to do it as like a science experiment. To make it fun. And so that’s what I did. And so I came up with like a process that I used. And so I dated a few guys [00:20:00] and then I met my partner. So that’s what my dating product is.

[00:20:03] It’s like that system that I used to like funnel and like sort through the people, cause I’ve met him on Tinder of all things. And so that’s what my product does. It like helps you become aligned and then use that process.

[00:20:21] Dane: [00:20:21] So I’ve been in business 15 years, I’ve seen a lot of what works. I’ve seen a lot of what doesn’t work.

[00:20:27] I get a general sense of what will work. And that dating app is your quickest ticket to a hundred grand per month and likely. Probably more like 2 million a year. So are you familiar with the term copywriting? Yeah. So copywriting is salesmanship in print, selling in print. So if you’re selling with the printed word, that is a very scalable technique selling in print.

[00:20:58] So you’re going to want to master this skill enough for you to use it, but also. You could actually hire this out. You can actually hire copywriters. You can go to job sites and hire copywriters, and I’ve got a URL actually start from zero.com for slash all in, and it’s a page with the premise of what would you do and what would your life look like if you stopped looking for one thing and just went all in to business in that I will recommend how to be all in with copywriting and also how to hire a copywriter.

[00:21:30] You might not know this, Colette, but when you listen back to this episode, you will have written the sales letter to sell your product. You know the headline, I was single for eight years because I was terrified of someone seeing me. Fast forward to today and I’m happily married. I did it by tricking myself into having fun and using a scientific approach to date because I knew my feelings could probably get in the way.

[00:22:00] [00:22:00] Between my terror and the power of the scientific approach. I’ve now been with my partner for three years. All I’m doing is regurgitating the story you told. That is a phenomenal product. So I’ve never told any of my other episodes that they should start a YouTube channel. And you know, some people I just very clearly want to recommend something.

[00:22:23] And I think a YouTube channel would be amazing. So you have this book written, it’s on a website and people can buy it. Does that right? Yeah. How much does it sell for right now? $97. Great. And how many of those do you sell a month?

[00:22:36] Guest: [00:22:36] Currently? Not that many.

[00:22:39] Dane: [00:22:39] Do you sell at least one?

[00:22:40] Guest: [00:22:40] Yeah, but I haven’t been

[00:22:41] Dane: [00:22:41] advertising it.

[00:22:42] So I recommend you hire a digital marketer and I recommend you stay away from hiring in your local community. Because there are thousands of digital marketers online, and you could pick one that would move fast right away. You know, people want to build a software product, they hire like a local software developer.

[00:22:57] And I’m like, what are you doing? There’s like a million software developers online. This is like a 95% chance you’re going to find a more qualified person who will work faster. And if you look into your community, so if you hire a digital marketer and say, I need help selling this product, how many of those have you sold so far?

[00:23:12] Guest: [00:23:12] Like I said, not that many say I’m going to advertising them.

[00:23:15] Dane: [00:23:15] Total. Total sales. Like 20

[00:23:17] Guest: [00:23:17] yeah, like maybe 10

[00:23:19] Dane: [00:23:19] okay. And of those 10 people, has anybody like gotten a result with it?

[00:23:24] Guest: [00:23:24] Well, I’m not married, but like,

[00:23:26] Dane: [00:23:26] yeah, what do you mean? But like, yeah.

[00:23:28] Guest: [00:23:28] And yeah, I’m getting married.

[00:23:31] Dane: [00:23:31] Why are you dismissing that?

[00:23:32] Why? That’s ridiculously cool.

[00:23:34] It

[00:23:34] Guest: [00:23:34] is really cool.

[00:23:35] Dane: [00:23:35] Why are you dismissing it?

[00:23:37] Guest: [00:23:37] Because I feel like my book is really good, but I think that people need coaching because what happens is like things happen really quick, right? When you decide you want something, things can happen really quickly. And did he follow my books?

[00:23:54] Like you’re going to meet people, but people don’t always follow the exactly what it says on [00:24:00] their own. So because the challenge is like I had a woman telling me like, Hey, like I met my man and I’m really happy with him. But she had already like stopped. I don’t say she stopped her life, but like one of the things that I’m very adamant about is that you keep your hobbies, you keep your life, you have fun, and you don’t compromise that.

[00:24:25] And that’s in the book. But she didn’t do that. And so I was like, I dunno. I was a little nervous about some things. But yeah,

[00:24:33] Dane: [00:24:33] but yeah, but it worked. She got married and then she became codependent and absorbed her identity into him and lost herself and lost her hobbies, et cetera. Right. So, right.

[00:24:47] Guest: [00:24:47] You know, but like I

[00:24:48] Dane: [00:24:48] said, I think you’re okay. I mean, there are highly trained 10 year plus therapists that are still trying to solve the issues of codependency. I mean, it’s, those are deeply ingrained patterns. So what I’d like to focus on is the fact that you have a product that has a result of someone getting married.

[00:25:05] Holy crap. And you’ve only sold 10 yeah. Okay, so here’s your message to a digital marketer. Halo. I need a digital marker to sell this product for me. I’m open to suggestions. I’ve only had 10 sales. We already have one result, and this is a product for people who are ready to meet the love of their life and get married and settle down.

[00:25:24] This is not a product for people living to date. This is a product. People look into me the love of their life. So you get that set up, you start selling these books. And then you’ll sell coaching on the back end. For awhile. Group coaching, I would do a group coaching offer where you have 10 to 20 women in a group and you have one call a week, and so you’re coaching 10 or 20 women per call, so it’s not one on one.

[00:25:44] So it’s scalable and that is going to get you to a hundred grand a month residual. It’s going to get you close. Now there’s a product online I mentioned in another podcast, it’s called be irresistible.com and it teaches women how to find a great guy. The product sells a lot [00:26:00] and be irresistible.com is worth studying as from a marketing perspective.

[00:26:04] The guys of brilliant who put it together, but you’re set to go. You hire that digital marketer, you go to job boards, you go to any job board you want, you can Google search, hire digital marketer and just start talking to people. Okay, so your YouTube channel. I did some traffic analysis once and I had people come in from Google, people coming from a paid ad.

[00:26:23] And people coming from YouTube, a visitor that came from YouTube is worth three times as much as someone that came from a Google as someone that came from an ad. An ad, though no one trusts me, Google, they trust me a little more. YouTube, the trust is so high that the value per visitor was worth a lot triple, triple value per visitor and my numbers for one example.

[00:26:42] So you create a YouTube channel and you create a series and each video is a snippet of your book, five minutes or so. And at the end of each video. Is an offer for them to go read and buy your full book, these YouTube videos. Then you hire a digital marketer and they can start using these videos as pre-roll ads to people that would be relevant to watch it.

[00:27:04] So like, you know, if a woman’s looking up how to plan a first date or how to meet a guy, or maybe you know how to do my makeup right before a woman looks how to do her makeup, you come on as a pre-roll ad. Hey, if you’re curious, if you’re ready to meet the love of your life and get married, I’ve got some really important information for you.

[00:27:21] First I want to tell you what not to do. Don’t do this, don’t do this and don’t do this. Once we’re clear on that, I’d love to tell you what to do. Please come to my YouTube channel to watch. But if you hire a digital marketer and you grow your business on YouTube, and then you could also explore Facebook advertising as well, cause you simply just target.

[00:27:40] All single women, probably around 35 years old when their biological clocks like, I’m ready to meet someone. If there’s a woman 35 single on and you just run an ad to them on Facebook, there’s a real good chance they’re going to resonate. If you were on that to 22 year old women, they’re going to probably this.

[00:27:54] They’ll just be blind to it. So you might find Facebook’s more important. Do you have any questions for me?

[00:28:00] [00:27:59] Guest: [00:27:59] So I’m hiring this digital marketer to create the funnel and the copy

[00:28:03] Dane: [00:28:03] to hold your hand and making this a profitable business, right? They might help you hire the copywriter. Digital marketers ultimately responsible for running ads and putting things in place to make sure it’s profitable.

[00:28:14] You know, you’ve got the advertisement, you have to copy creative, you’ve got the checkout process, you’ve got the back end, and there’ll be able to help make sure all that’s profitable and maybe you give him a piece of the sales. Maybe you pay them, you can find a real harmonious fit, but remember that you’re the boss.

[00:28:28] And there’s like a thousand digital marketers you could hire and you’re the one with the power. So listen, if you’d like to offer feedback on this episode, we would treasure that. Let us know what you want more of and what you want less of for the show, and we’ll make sure we try to incorporate that. You can email the feedback to hello as start from zero.com just put feedback in the subject line.

[00:28:49] Now if you’d like to build a $20,000 per month business minimum, I’ve got a friend who actually does this every single month. Some months he makes as much as . $87,000 in a month. I asked him about, and he told me, man, if I can do this, anybody can do it. So we’ve turned this into a fully comprehensive course that you can take to learn how to quickly build a $20,000 per month business.

[00:29:10] If you’d like information on that, you can go to start from zero.com and on the homepage you’ll find a link to it. Now, if you’ve been struggling to take action, if you really feel there’s more for your life, but you know you’re going to need to take action to do it, but taking action is so difficult, you just can’t seem to get yourself to do it.

[00:29:27] We have. A wonderful free tool. You can find [email protected] forward slash DJP and if you go there within 20 minutes of applying the process, you’ll find yourself wanting to play the game, wanting to step in the game and wanting to take action. I use DJP for myself all the time with things like figuring out revenue models, figuring out lead capture systems, figuring out how to hire someone.

[00:29:50] If I’m ever stuck with a difficult action, I’ll actually apply DJP because what it does is it wakes up a deeper intuition at deeper. Wisdom, so we can actually do something really cool [00:30:00] instead of stay stuck. So that’s it. Please rate the show. Please subscribe and go on and listen to the next episode.

[00:30:07] Let’s do this.

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