SFZ 003: 80 Year Old Learns How To Make Money Online

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Show Summary
Arthur is 80 years old and looking for an extra $2,000 per month using the Clickbank marketplace. Listen to what I tell him.
Show Notes
Arthur was thinking about selling filters, until I taught him how to see a profitable business correctly.

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Episode Transcript

Dane: So what’s your big goal Arthur and how old are you?

Arthur: 80, and $2,000 a month! I’m thinking of using clickbank now to do that…

Small intermission…

[00:00:21] Dane: [00:00:21] Great. So if you want to succeed at ClickBank, you and ask, who can I help? How do I reach them?

[00:00:27] Arthur: [00:00:27] Yeah. As a matter of fact, they do. They do in their introduction to include that , that vignette type of thinking.

[00:00:37] Dane: [00:00:37] Here’s the issue with it. You’re not really, unless you, unless you do it strategically, it’s very difficult to build a sustainable asset because what you’re doing is you’re going

[00:00:51] Arthur: [00:00:51] Oh, I know that because of the filter situation.

[00:00:56] Dane: [00:00:56] Well, no, I’m talking about on ClickBank.

[00:00:58] Guest: [00:00:58] No, I know, but I mean, the asset under my case was filters and it sorta went away because I wasn’t able to. Two, a two Joe with the engine that it, that it needed.



[00:01:12] Dane: [00:01:12] How many books have you read on building a business?

[00:01:16] Guest: [00:01:16] not too

[00:01:19] Dane: [00:01:19] You’re going to need to read a lot more. So I want you to read, well, um, what you really probably going to need is my book, but that, that comes out March 31st, 2020.

[00:01:34] Guest: [00:01:34] yeah. I agree. You talk about that.

[00:01:37] Dane: [00:01:37] So that book will help you. That book will help a lot. There’s nothing like it yet that I can think of recommending that helps really build this brain. So you’re, you’re oriented correctly. The fastest way to make $2,000 a month that I currently know of is to do customer acquisition and lead generation [00:02:00] for local area businesses.

[00:02:05] Does that make sense when I say

[00:02:06] Guest: [00:02:06] well, I can, I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t have, I don’t have an entree into that area

[00:02:16] Dane: [00:02:16] So here’s how check, check out how nice this works. Tell me, um, tell me a local business that you’ve been to in the last week.

[00:02:27] Guest: [00:02:27] that I’ve been to.


[00:02:29] Well, there would be restaurants.


[00:02:31] Um, grocery stores. Um,


[00:02:39] well that’s about it. Trying

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