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“I bootstrapped and sold my company for $500,000,000 to Zillow and it all started by taking Dane’s course.”

– Dan Corkill
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“I’ve stolen your mind, and I’m not giving it back – and now I’m going to supercharge it.” See Proof

– Sam Ovens,
Class of 2011


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So many stories, it can't be a coincidence...

Sam Ovens

Chandler Bolt

Dave Rogenmoser​

Joel Erway​

Dan Corkill


Cathryn Lavery


Juliana Garcia


Allen Brouwer


What Did These Entrepreneurs All Have In Common?

It’s likely that they couldn’t even tell you the one single differentiator that made them successful. But I’ll tell you in as simple of terms as possible.

They became masters of leveraged influence. Especially in influencing themselves.

No matter your idea, the product, the cold emails, the service, the niche, the industry, the money you do or don’t have – influence is your ticket to freedom.

An entrepreneur with low influence is an entrepreneur with low freedom.

No biz opp. No biz model. No coach. No advantage will help you if you can’t influence others.

Influence is the master key.


What’s The Best Way To Learn This Critical Secret?

Not from me. Learn it from the OG masters of influence. Who are they? They are the 6 greatest advertising copywriters of all time who will teach you all you need to know and thankfully, you can learn the successful thinking patterns of these 6 men below…
Get People To Do What You Want Ethically
Build Business Freedom From Scratch
The 7 Part Book To Freedom

Here Are More Details On My Past Students…

Sam Ovens

“I’ve stolen your mind, and I’m not giving it back – and now I’m going to supercharge it.” 

Sam came to me at age 22 as an unfulfilled cell phone salesman. He couldn’t afford my mentorship (back then) at $500 a month so he borrowed his girlfriend’s credit card. I taught him everything I knew. He was freakishly good. I didn’t detect much fear within him. He was ruthless for truth, first principles, and what worked. He took my teachings in immediately, and even innovated them to fit his situation as I taught them. 

He’d read every book I recommend, highlight it, type up the highlights, and re-read the printed highlights until he had the patterns memorized into his mind. 

What Sam might not know is that I spent 6 months pouring love into him until he “got it.” 

Once he got it, I let him go, and he flew.  As wonderfully successful as Sam is, and as much credibility as it gives me to mention him, Sam is not my star student or the most successful. He is the most public. I have other students not mentioned on this page who like to remain private that have started and sold companies for 50 million in 2 years – which is astonishing.

Sam is now the founder of – a great course platform for communities. 

PS – Here is the infamous clip of Sam saying the quote above.


Chandler Bolt

“Dane helped me ….”

Chandler came to me when he was 21, and I helped him think through dropping out of college. I don’t recommend it to everyone. For doctors and engineers and others, college is important. But for Chandler? He wanted to be massively successful in business. He wanted financial freedom – not to exchange time for money. He didn’t want to learn a skill to earn money with, he wanted to learn a skill to become free with. I told him to drop out of college and learn business in the real world, the best programs and books coupled with taking emotional risks and learning and trying again will trump any MBA program.

Today Chandler has built an extremely successful inc 5,000 fast growing company, he lives in a dream home on Lake Austin, and had me over for my latest 40th birthday. He’s an amazing entrepreneur today.

Now he’s the founder of – a great program for publishing your first (or second) book.

Joel Erway

Joel came to me years ago as an employee, exploring all of his options for entrepreneurship. He took the spark of what he learned here and combined it into a transformational offer creation framework called The Power Offer. He taught it to Alex Hormozi and helped him blow up his company. I guess you could say I had a hand in helping the now infamous Alex Hormozi.

Joel is a beast, but more importantly, very financially free. Now he’s the founder of


Dave Rogenmoser

Dave came to me as an employee without a clue on how to be an entrepreneur, let alone how to build a software company. He became financially free quickly. He built many successful products using what I taught him, and after 8 years of having a blast, he founded the 1.5 Billion dollar company

He built one of the fastest growing software companies in the world. From 0 to 30 million annual recurring revenue in 12 months.

He’s currently my most successful student.


Dan Corkill

Dan was a frustrated entrepreneur with a product no one wanted. I helped him niche it down into real estate, helped show him how to get his first customers, and now he owns one of the most lucrative and successful software companies of anyone I know.

He’s the founder of


Cathryn Lavery

Cathryn came to me as an architect with a thirst for more. More impact, more freedom, more travel, and more money. She co-founded a company that grew like a rocket. She won a Shopify competition and met Tony Robbins at his island on Fiji for her reward.

She sold her company and now travels the world with the love of her life.


Josh Isaak

Josh was a top young salesman for college painters pro. He had no idea how to make his own products so he was making someone else rich with his efforts. Once he learned the product creation methods (anyone can use), he made his own and pre-sold more of a product than I had seen in the first 6 months of mentorship.

Today he makes millions helping doctors with their marketing, operations, & sales.

Josh runs Health Experts Alliance


Juliana Garcia

Juliana came to me as a successful employee who wanted more than to climb the corporate ladder. She was one of my top students implementing directions so well she became an automatic entrepreneur by default. I watched her transform before my very eyes. She built such successful thinking patterns she took off with her own coaching business.

Today she makes millions per year helping other paralyzed coaches scale their impact and revenue over at


Allen Brouwer

Allen came to me as a yacht boat salesman. Can you imagine? He was spending his time selling boats to people with much more money and freedom than him. Fast forward to today and he helped co-found one of the inc 5,000 fastest growing companies with Cathryn Lavery mentioned above.

Allen went from selling to people who had money, to being one of them himself. He is one of the brightest marketing minds you’ll meet today. I’ll never forget seeing Allen by his first rather expensive Mercedes.

He was a happy man on that day.


Carl Mattiola

Carl worked directly under Elon Musk at Tesla, but he was miserable every day he drove to work. Carl is another one of those freaks of nature that has so little fear he succeeded faster than most.

Is little fear the reason for great success? It certainly seems to help.

Carl built a software company without coming up with any idea, without building himself, all while paying $0 upfront for the development. Purely from scratch.

Today he’s the founder of what was the #1 fastest growing company in the physical therapy space with


Cris Urzua

Chris came to me as a salesman with little to show for his efforts. He had no leverage on his time, and he had no idea how to start his own business. He took the training and made $10,000 faster than any student in history. Fast forward to today, and he’s making the covers of magazines and making millions teaching others how to sell with heart, all in spanish.

All over at

And there are so many more…

In order to succeed in entrepreneurship, you cannot stay the same person you are now. You must (and I mean must) die daily to who you are now, and be born again into who you were always meant to be.  You must transform as a person. Any successful program will help you transform, not just give you tactics and strategies. Each of the entrepreneurs listed here went through a massive transformation. 

They Were No Longer The Same.

You can do it too, if you let yourself transform.

Entrepreneurship is available to anyone humble and hungry enough to let go of who they are, to transform their inner identity.


“What Makes This Different From Everything Else I’ve Seen?”

This works if you have no current ideas, no current experience, limited time, limited money, no confidence, and little to no belief in yourself at all. Because that’s how I started.

No other program focuses on the principles to succeed in any market, with any kind of business model while helping you transform identity. You’re about to learn the mechanics of infinite business creation. You’ll see below my students slay it in just about every model imaginable. Why is that? Because they understand the first principles of business success: To find a problem, find an expert who can solve it, own the process, and make tremendous money.

We don’t seek fame, or expertise; we seek ownership and wealth. They are very different paths.

Get People To Do What You Want Ethically
Build Business Freedom From Scratch
The 7 Part Book To Freedom

“I Listened To Start From Zero 30 Times While Driving My Amazon Delivery Truck!”

“I went from earning $15 an hour to $250,000+ a year while starting my own businesses. How? I listened to Start From Zero over 30 times while delivering for Amazon, the book didn’t advise me to jump right into business but to master influence first. Now I have, building my business is next!” 



Frequently Asked Questions…

“Why is Dane selling his flagship program for so cheap?”

So that you see the core skills of entrepreneurship, and see how critical influence is to have. I hope that by giving you my $599 course for free, you’ll feel so good that you invest in the Masters of Influence program. Take the course now!


“Why is this page free from fluff?”

Because I don’t need your money or attention. I’m pretty much retired from business. The only goal of a business (in my opinion) is to serve your freedom so you can follow your heart. I have retired from business to pursue what I love. Singing for people. Currently I am set for life with my own business – it runs without my time, and I’m completely free to pursue what I love. The knowledge on this page is here for you to do the same.


“Why haven't I heard of you before?"

I needed a break from the spotlight. For the last 9 years I’ve valued privacy and anonymity. Now I’m ready to be more public again.

“Where can I hear your music and see what you’re doing now?”

A Special Thanks To Andy Drish


I was just a quiet entrepreneur building my companies in private until Andy Drish thrust me into the spotlight. Andy is the reason The Foundation became visible, and the reason I started teaching in the first place. Thank you brother.