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Now Starting Monday June 7th

From Sunny Iowa
In My Remodeled Garage/Office/Recording Studio

If you want people to open your cold emails, respond to your ads, listen to you when you speak, or buy your products…

If you want to reshape your brain so that great unique product ideas come to you naturally because you think naturally on a customer based level…

If you want to feel like making money is actually easy and fun…

If you want to stop being ignored…

This message is for you…

Curious and seeking people will often ask me… “Was there a thing you did to become so successful in business and still work so little?”

The short answer: mastering marketing on the deepest level allowed my freedom.

You might wonder what mastering marketing means…

It’s not…

Coming up with great product ideas.

Hopping on the latest trend.

Getting a mentor.

Writing headlines.

Or Ads.

It is however a skill where you can rapidly create offers out of thin air that feed hungry markets and your bank account. When you learn to do that, you’ve got a real life printing press for cash.

I often answered this question telling people exactly what I did to do this, but people couldn’t replicate or follow what I said. It became too difficult for them to follow the path I went because there were more variables than I realized.

I didn’t work long hours. I worked really hard for a focused period of 60 minutes doing a very specific process to master marketing.

But what did I do? What did I work hard at?

This process.

When you don’t know how to market or sell, you can’t feed your ideas with the juice they need to thrive. 

So many come up with ideas. Thinking an idea is what is needed.

But in reality you should spend 3x as much time marketing and selling your idea as you did building it.

People spend all their time on their idea, and have no energy left over for the marketing and sales.

If you spend 2 months building a product. You should spend 6 months marketing and selling it.

But how do you actually market and sell so you make a real, tangible profit?

By modeling and mimicking the best marketers in the world until you have ethical selling memorized down into your soul. Until you know how the best marketers think. 

This is what I did. 

So selling becomes automatic.

And now… we have a process to install this in your mind.

Here’s how it’s going to work

This Is A 90 Day Program To Study 6 Marketing Legends & Breakdown 18 Epic Promotions...

Once you understand the patterns of a great marketing promotion, you can make money with real speed. 

It’s true. I know it. I live it. I’ve trained others in it.

You have no idea just how fast you can go once you get the right training.

You don’t even need a product once you understand marketing and sales. You can just promote someone else’s business and take a cut from them.

Marketing is the “cure all” for money and impact.

In order to master marketing & selling online or off, there are 6 master advertisers you must study. These are the greats. Until recently, you would have had to read 6 separate books all written by these legends.

These 6 masters are the true source code of marketing and sales.

And recently, two great men wrote a book summarizing these 6 masters into one easy to comprehend and consume journey.


Learning to sell has just become more easily accessible to us all.

That book is called The Advertising Solution.

In that book they break down how to create legendary marketing and selling campaigns by modeling what the 6 masters taught.

These 6 masters are:

  1. John Caples
  2. Robert Collier
  3. David Ogilvy
  4. Claude Hopkins
  5. Eugene Schwartz
  6. Gary Halbert

You’re going to join a group with around 30 passionate humans who are stoked to study the greatest sales tactics in the world ethically to help sell more of their products.

You’ll be able to look at an ad, much like artists look at a painting, and know which of these 6 masters created it.

You’ll start thinking in more motivating ways.

You’ll come up with (and discover) better product ideas.

You’ll be able to write sales copy and sell at ease.

You’ll install a universal sales machine within your mind in 90 days. 

The same universal sales machine that these 6 masters all had.

This is an intimate group. 

You’ll meet regularly with members in the group to discuss what you’re learning at times that work for you.

There isn’t a pre-set group call time that some can attend and some can’t. You meet at times of your choosing with other members.

This Is A Simple & Clear Path To Do The Work We All Avoid. And To Do It In A Group. With Accountability.

What's The Price?

It’s 90 days.

It’s a 3 month program at $500 a month, or $1,500 over 90 days. And it’s $100 today to lock in your spot.  

It takes work.

It will feel like work.

But you will transform your mind.

You need 60 minutes each day. And we will be holding you accountable and tracking your time. If you’re not getting the time in, you’ll be removed from the program.

This is serious. 

It’s not magic. It’s not some secret. It’s a chance to do the real hard work on the stuff that will make the greatest impact, in a great community of people who are all passionate. This is the same process that changed my life the most when it comes to sales and marketing. I want to offer this to you.

Everyone must participate to get full value.

The start date is now Monday June 7th.

Space is limited.

I’ll be active in this first group.

Just running one successful marketing promotion from what you learn will pay this entire program.

Place A $100 Down Payment to Lock In Your Spot For June 7th


“You Become The Average of The 5 Marketers You Hang Around With”

Hang around with the marketing genius of the 6 greatest advertisers of all time.

What do you think would happen to your brain if you did?

Bonus – The Author Brian Kurtz Is A Friend Of Mine. He Will Be Active In This Group. Even Offering A bonus Call.

PS – If you can’t afford this program, just get the book here and study the marketing pieces on your own. If you want accountability and community and to hang with us, please do join!

PPS – I (Dane) will be participating in this program as a student and teacher. But I will be mostly showing you how I become a student to learn as much as I can.

PPPS – Here’s another summary of the program

You Are Capable of So Much More Than You Think.
You Are Capable of Things You Can Hardly Imagine.
The Skill of Marketing Is the Doorway To This Possibility.

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