Simple 302 Page Book Creates Over
17 Entrepreneur Millionaires…

Escape The Time For Money Prison & Build Automated Income With Your Own Business...
With No Ideas, No Experience, & Limited Time

Most Untrained People Do Business The Very Scary & Risky Way...

The "Traditional" Path

  1. Create website
  2. Look to own expertise
  3. Make product or course
    (around own expertise)
  4. Outsource product creation
  5. Give up and call business risky
  6. Advise everybody that business is risky

But The Starter Method Dramatically Reduces Risk For New Entrepreneurs...

The Starter Method

  1. People first
  2. Problems second
  3. Sales third
  4. Outsource product creation
  5. Get results with first customer
  6. Scale to others

Here's An Example Automated Income Business You Could Start...

Remember we are using the Starter Context: It’s people first, problems second, sales third, outsource product creation fourth, get results with your first customer fifth, scale using math sixth.

With that in mind, let’s do it!

People first
Let’s say you pick a niche you know nothing about. Let’s say you talk to African gray parrot owners.

Problems second
Let’s say you ask them about any problems they might be having with their parrots, and they tell you the parrots bite them as a habit and it’s seriously painful.

Sales third
You ask them if the problem is painful enough that they would pay to solve it, and they say yes.

Outsource creation fourth
Then you call up a parrot store in your town and find a parrot trainer to record video lessons on their iPhone, and give them a 20% profit split for being the expert.

Get results fifth
Next you send the recorded videos to your first customer and they work. The parrot stops biting them.

Scale sixth
You tell the success of your first customer as a story and begin scaling to other African Gray Parrot owners with that story.

This entire process could happen in a matter of days or weeks, and you’d have a business FAST.

Where was your risk? It wasn’t there. Because this new Start Context creates safety.

Let’s Do Another Example Business Idea You Could Start...

This time let’s do another niche… let’s do videographers.

People first
Now let’s say let’s say you talk to a videographer. These folks charge businesses for video shooting, editing, and production.

Problems second
Then you ask them about any problems they might be having with their video production. They tell you that finding good background music is a challenge to put with their videos.

Sales third
Next you ask them if the problem is painful enough they would pay to solve it, and they say yes. They tell you they already do pay for it, and they want a better solution. They say they want Piano. You propose an assortment of Piano background music and they bite instantly.

Outsource creation fourth
Then you call up a piano teacher and ask them if they’d record some background piano music for different moods for videographers, and give them a 20% profit split for being the expert. They use voice notes on their iPhone and you send the file to a producer who can make it sound amazing for a reasonable price.

Get results fifth
You send the recorded and produced piano tracks to your videographer and he’s very pleased with them.

Scale sixth
You use the success of your first videographer as a story and begin scaling to other folks looking for good background piano music.

You now have a business. FAST.

So how do you do this process successfully? The answer is inside this wonderful book.

There Are Over 15 Real World Examples In The Book You Can Get Right Now...

Join the


Here’s Another Example Of A Book Reader Making $22,000 During Coronavirus Using This New Context…


Meet Steve,
he called up high schools to talk with them during COVID-19 (using people first)…

He then asked them what some of their greatest problems were, and they said their students are going to miss their graduation, and it was a seriously painful issue (that’s problems second).

He then asked them if this was an issue they had thought about solving and if they would pay to solve it… they said yes, they wanted a video of the graduating class (sales third).

Next he found a video expert to deliver the product (outsource creation fourth).

He’s got results for his first school and has scaled to more.

“I followed the process in this book and made $22,000 helping schools solve a painful problem. I love making money and helping people in times of trouble.”
– Steve


Steve’s not alone… Inside the book you’ll meet these now Millionaires


Dave Rogenmoser, the “Almost Missionary”...


Dan Corkill, the failed software entrepreneur...


Chandler Bolt, the College dropout...


Carl Mattiola, the high-powered employee...


Cathryn, the past Architect…


Allen, the past yacht boat salesman...


The Most Important Question Of All… Easily Forgotten

From Dane Maxwell:
May, 2020
Des Moines, Iowa

Where was the first place you felt significant? Like you were valued––that you felt deep in your bones.

For me it was in business. It’s where I found confidence, self-esteem, and learned I could reopen my broken heart. But before then… I felt like I didn’t belong anywhere.

But the real low point?

It was a Friday afternoon in warm August, the summer before my last year of college.

My dad came to visit during my internship to go wakeboarding.

I had to tell him the news… On the last week of my internship, I got fired.

I felt crushed and embarrassed. I felt like a failure.

But the worst part?

It wasn’t that I got fired.

No… The worst part was hearing WHY I got fired.

“We liked your performance. You’re just not a good fit here,” the HR director told me

Instantly I knew what she meant.

At a company dinner the week before, I asked some of the senior partners a probing question. I didn’t mean put them on the spot. 

I found out one senior partner only saw his wife 1 week a month, and I was genuinely curious.

“Are you actually happy?” I asked.

I remember the looks on their faces…

After I got fired, I moved back in with my parents.

A silent vengeance filled me:

“I’ll never get fired again,” I told myself.

That’s the day the seed for entrepreneurship was planted.

My first year in business at age 22, I made $8,000… I wasn’t comfortable yet. I didn’t want to scam anyone. Then I made $27,000 the next year and $120,000 the year after. I was starting to find my flow.

By the fourth year, I made $360,000 in my business. It’s continued to grow (for the most part) ever since.

Since the beginning, I’ve launched 16 new businesses. 5 were successful, and 3 of them still run.

But the most important part of all this was that the process I used was incredibly fun and regenerative to do.

I found the patterns and ways of thinking that helped me build successful businesses, quickly and without investing any of my own money. I began to write down what worked.

Whenever I violated my own “process” my business failed. (I started 11 businesses that failed. More on those in the book.)

But when I followed my own rules, the businesses I created made me successful time and time again. My most successful business today still runs completely without me and pays me 25% of the profits.

To prove this wasn’t an accident, I started teaching people the same I process I followed. We had hundreds of people make six-figures, and we’ve built 15 millionaires within 5 years.


The process works for:

Carl Mattiola

The “Expert” Working At Tesla Who Found His 1st Business Idea And Grew Into a $4,000 Per Month Business within 6 Months… 5 Years Later He Has a Multi-Million Dollar Company.


Meet my friend Carl. He was known around Tesla as the guy who built the UI for the company’s website and he worked close to Elon Musk himself.

To an outsider, he was successful and should have been happy, but he wasn’t.

He told me, “Every day I went to work for somebody else, a part of me died.”

He struggled for years in entrepreneurship before learning the “business 101” methods I taught at Start From Zero.

With just 2 hours a day in the morning, Carl was able to find a business idea – a software tool to help Physical Therapists track their metrics and make smart decisions. He outsourced the product and built it without risking any of his own money.

Carl found out firsthand entrepreneurship isn’t risky — and why “it takes money to make money” isn’t true.

Today, Carl is the co-founder and CEO of Breakthrough PT Marketing and he still helps Physical Therapists grow their business.

(You can read Carl’s full story, including the questions he asked to find his first business idea, in Chapter 1)

And now for the first time ever, I put everything I know about entrepreneurship into one book where you’ll find out exactly how you can start a new business without any ideas, limited cash, and zero risk.


Build Your Own Business.
Experience True Freedom.


What’s inside Start From Zero?

Inside this NEW book, you’ll find everything separated for you into 7 Big Learning “Adventures”.

Each one is designed to help you build the brain of an entrepreneur.

Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside:



The 3 Little Rocks To Place Inside Your Pocket

Page 7

Learn the One Daily Question to protect your financial future, become free, and always be financially safe. (Page 7)

Learn the “Single Cardinal Rule of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurship” and you’ll be richly rewarded for it. (This takes your ego OUT of your business, so it’s less fragile. Page 8 – Break this rule and screw yourself)

Delete The Jealousy Trap with open-hearted curiosity and access the deep power of your genuine humility. (Pay attention to this, because jealousy CUTS OFF all access to confidence – Page 10)



What You Don’t Need to Start a Business

Page 19

The 3 Non-Negotiatiables of every winning business – focus on anything else and you’re dead. (They’re not shiny, sexy, or creative… But every successful business has mastered all 3 – Page 19)

Why it’s Life-and-Death important to always steer wide & clear of the Expert Trap. (Seriously – you don’t want to rely on making money off your expertise, I demonstrate why – starts on Page 21.)

Why you should never invest your own money to start a business (this is the #1 source of risk in a new venture)…

…And why you don’t need to give away equity to angel investors or venture capital either. (Starts on Page 24)

Why you don’t need 12 hours days (…more like 2) on Page 24 – and why hard work by itself isn’t enough. (Page 29)

Chandler Bolt

Joins SFZ and Builds $6 Million Dollar Per Year Business After Dropping Out of College


Not everyone should drop out of college. Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, and such.

But for Chandler, books, courses, and mentors are how he got his education.

When Chandler showed up in SFZ, he didn’t have a business yet. But he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

“I used to think it takes money to make money… Now, I know how to sell first and build second… I used to think you need a business plan or an LLC… Now, I know you just need sales to start a business… I thought you needed a website and business cards to be in business… Now, I know you need sales and a product that solves a real problem.

Chandler built his entrepreneurial brain using Start From Zero thinking. Now he owns a six million dollar per year business.

With the skills he learned in Start From Zero, he and 2 friends listened to people’s problems and then turned those problems into a business that made $82,000 on their first launch.

Chandler now owns

“I would not have started this business had it not been for Start From Zero. Thank you, Dane.”



What You Do Need To Start A Business

Page 35

Yes! You can build the brain of an entrepreneur, no matter who you are. We show you PROOF that entrepreneurship can be learned by anyone. (See Page 36)


(Still think you don’t have the personality for it?  Follow the instructions in Chapter 6.)

5 Statistically Researched Personality Patterns that silently sabotage your success as an entrepreneur — this is where training, coaching, or therapy can REALLY help. (See Page 38)

How to Make a Powerful Heart Declaration (… And find your heart’s desire, even if your head doesn’t know what it is yet. Starts on Page 49)


The heart speaks in simple language, you’ll learn to listen for it.

Unleash clean-burning willpower when you follow this framework to uncover “sneaky” hidden motivation killers… (Goes way beyond status, money and success — These are OK, but can you imagine being driven by unconditional love? See Page 55)

What to do if you find shame around your deepest desires. (You can stop playing small now. Page 58)

Become UNSTOPPABLE at anything your heart wants to do when you’re connected to the root of self-acceptance and unconditional love. (see Page 59)

Learn the 5-step tool to unlock EPIC freedom from limiting beliefs & false internal stories… (Every entrepreneur is susceptible to at least one of these 2 issues. Yours will stop you in your tracks, and you won’t know why – starts on Page 62)

Align your external environment in 4 key areas with a 4-prompt question & response. (Simple but profound – I keep my answers in my pocket and display them around my house to stamp them on my brain. See Page 73)

(This happens to all of us at some point…) The hidden reason why we all lose motivation (Even when things are really working).  Starts on Page 77.

A peek inside the “D-J-P” Framework for tapping into a little known feeling that can free you no matter what you’re going through. (Page 79 – Fair warning, I admit this framework goes against almost every other online mindset program.)

Dave Rogenmoser

Validated His Multi-Million Dollar Software Idea With $40,000 Worth of Presales


Meet Dave. Today he’s the CEO and co-founder of His company’s main product helps businesses sell more through their website by showing automatic social proof notifications. It’s a remarkable idea, and his business pulls millions of dollars a year. 

But before he was successful, Dave was stuck… “I was waiting until I found a good idea before I got started in entrepreneurship… But now I know there are millions of good ideas all around me, just waiting for someone to understand them and take action.”

Now Dave’s brain is built to spot problems and turn ideas into action. It took 4 years, he said. Dave’s advice for first-timers? 

“Start immediately… Wherever you are, start right now. It’ll never get easier.”

(Find out how Dave presold $40,000 worth of software to pay for development, removing all financial risk in the business, see page 211)



The Fastest Path to Tactical Success In Business

Page 91

The C.P.S.O. Framework for spotting successful businesses. You’ll start seeing new income streams and business models everywhere. You won’t believe in scarcity anymore around business or ideas. (Starts on Page 95)

What’s the most valuable business out there? You’ll see the 4 business model criteria of my most valuable businesses that generate wealth and income in very little time. (Page 100)

(It’s sad that 98% of small business owners will never get this…) How to create your business so it takes care of you from the beginning and NEVER drains you emotionally.  (Starts on Page 98)

Skill practices and exercises to build your entrepreneur brain without risk of failure or embarrassment – do them with your family or (if you’re feeling brave) with actual real-live customers. (See the end of almost every chapter)

The “Hidden-in-Plain-Sight Secret” of how every great business is born (the first time you get this, you’ll never worry about money again).  Page 104.

Why it’s so critical to remove the soul crushing burden of coming up with a great business idea. (Page 104-105)

Shave 4+ years off your journey to a successful business – I’ll teach you 5 revolutionary questions you can use to uncover your next epic opportunity. (When you get this, you’ll realize how FUN and joyful business can be – starts on Page 106)

Avoid THIS type of customer at all costs when you’re just starting out – see Page 109. (Spending your energy with the wrong people will drain you emotionally, you’ll lose focus and heart. This is deadly if you don’t have a long track record to build you back up.) 

Learn The Art, the Practice, the Intuition, and the Intention of creating killer products that make you rich… With 8 distinctions for making great products quickly, with a healthy profit.  It looks like magic, but it’s just a process. (Once you get your first customer the result they want, your life changes completely forever. You’ll know your business is real.)  (See page 119)

What’s the SIMPLE path to grow product revenue? There’s an 8-step process I show you, it’s peaceful and simple and profitable. (You’ll be startled by all the things you don’t need.) Starts on Page 139.

This is all you need to become a humble product creator.

Dan Corkill

Joined Start From Zero with a software product nobody wanted. Today, he runs a Multi-Million Dollar business.


When Dan learned the Start From Zero approach, he ditched his CRM idea and started talking to real people.

He found out real estate agents were wasting thousands of dollars a month on leads and losing priceless deals.

By asking them the 5 questions you’ll see on Page 106, he found a solution to their problem they’d be willing to pay him for.

Now 11 of the top 50 real estate teams in America use Dan’s product Follow Up Boss to get more face-to-face meetings and close more deals.

When you stay humble and learn like Dan, you take all the guesswork out of business, you build amazing products the world needs and wants to pay you for today.



The Skills to Build Predictable Wealth, Income, and Complete Freedom

Page 157

Would you like to Multiply Your Sales and Break the Time-For-Money Gap forever? Finding the “Words That Sell” is the Thor’s Hammer of business. It took Dominoes to a $1 Billion Dollar company and helped millions of women get healthier with Weight Watchers. Essential for anyone starting from zero. (starts on Page 159)

Boys and girls get this easily… but most people who get into business get this 180 degrees backwards. Discover the “Ownership Question” that could break your brain and demolish your cultural conditioning. (Page 165 – You’ll see exactly how it’s easier and more lucrative to become the next owner of the Chicago Bulls rather than trying to be the next Michael Jordan.) 

The 3 Yes-No Checkboxes I look at before diving in on any new business – so I can walk away from it, have it grow even more without me, and still pay me out of profits. (See Page 169)

How Monks Learned To Create Money Out of Thin Air (Starts on Page 171 – I taught this method to Monks at a monastery and it worked for them with a tiny bit of practice.)  You’ll see how to use THIS “newbie skill” to create MASSIVE value without any special talents, no ideas, and no experience. (Perfect for introverts who don’t want to be in the spotlight.)

How to evade the seductive mind trap of Process Thinking. And nip overwhelm and decision fatigue in the bud (the #1 killer of first-timers). See Page 176.

One “Guiding Question” that’s like fuel for your entrepreneur engine (Page 177).  Ask yourself this question Every. Single. Time. you need to take action.

PSSSST!… Passive income is a Myth unless you can live off stock dividends.  You’ll learn the SIMPLE framework to build business through ASSETS that pay you with little-to-no ongoing work.  This isn’t about laziness or magical thinking. (Starts on Page 180)

What happens when you make a mistake and feel embarrassed? You’ll hear a story from a few years back I’ve never publicly shared. (Begins on Page 186) I get vulnerable. I hope my story helps you realize you are not your mistakes. (You are how you handle those mistakes. So please don’t stay small, shrink from ever making mistakes and disappear. The world needs your voice.)

HOW TO MAKE THE BIGGEST LEAPS by surrounding yourself with high achievers. The only trick is to know what to look for in programs and communities (See Page 189 – I reveal my process for deciding what programs to buy and which ones to stay far away from.)

(If you feel like you’re not good enough to be around high achievers, investigate those sneaky beliefs with the process that starts on page 62).

Jumpstart your new skills with an at-home 7 Day challenge to become a selling machine and a master of “sticky” content.  In 1 hour a day for 7 days, this exercise tripled my income.  The legend Dan Kennedy famously did this to become the highest-paid copywriter in his day. You’ll learn to powerfully ask for money and position your product to command the maximum value it deserves. (See page 195)

Cathryn Lavery

the Architect who Dreamed of Becoming An Entrepreneur, and…


Allen Brouwer

Allen Brouwer The Yacht Salesman Who Dreamed Of Being Free…

Cat & Allen started BestSelfCo together after meeting through Start From Zero.

Using the skills and principles from SFZ, together they raised 21-TIMES their Kickstarter goal in 28 hours ($322,695). 

They won Shopify’s Build-a-Business Competition and they even rang the opening bell at the New York Stock Exchange.

Today their SelfJournal is one of the top-selling personal planners in the world.



4 Levels of Growth For An Entrepreneur

(Advanced Upgrades - For After You Complete Adventures 1-5)

Page 197

This is where the hand-holding begins to stop.  And it’s one of the most powerful tools for upgrading your entrepreneur ability I’ve ever seen.


Treat this Adventure carefully… If you can harness the information, it WILL change the direction of your life. Grab what you need and go.


(If you feel any shame whatsoever looking at the charts in the book, pause and go back to CHAPTER 6. I don’t want you to compare yourself or feel down.)


By studying more than 1000 entrepreneurs, we’ve identified that every entrepreneur goes through 4 growth stages… from Beginner to All-Star. (Elon Musk is an All-Star Level 4)


How are your personal skills? Your sales mindset?  Your level of action? 


Look at the 28 entrepreneur traits (starts on page 199) and see where you’re at. (You’ll get a link to print it out.) Then upgrade your level, one aspect at a time.


Use this tool to focus exactly on the aspects of your behaviors and mindsets you want to change.



15 Examples of Transformation

Page 209

15 Unique Profiles and Histories of successful entrepreneurs who Started from Zero…


  1. Dave R., Almost a Missionary to Millionaire (page 211)

  2. Steve E., 50 Hour Work Weeks To Traveling The World With A Laptop (page 217)


  3. Fabi M. Now Works At Home With The Family Close By (Page 224)

  4. B., Non-Profit World To Creating Her Own Money (Page 230)


  5. Mark C., Ex-Pest Control Inspector Buys His Dream Home (Page 235)

  6. Amar G., He No Longer Uses An Alarm Clock (Page 240)


  7. Geordie W., From Hotel Tech Support, To Selling Three Companies (Page 245)

  8. Sandy C., She Works Anywhere She Wants (Page 250)


  9. Carl M., Six Figure Employee To Multi-Multi-Millionaire (Page 254)

  10. Jeremy C., Software Dev Builds Million Dollar Business (Page 260)


  11. Juliana, From Climbing The Ladder, To Making $60K In A Day (Page 264)

  12. Cris U., Hispanic Ex-Hotel Employee Creates A Million-Dollar Business (Page 269)


  13. Chandler B., College Dropout Builds Six Million Dollar Per Year (Page 273)

  14. Maxie O., She Now Owns A SaaS (Page 281)


  15. Mr. Julian, Living His Dream Life from the Ukraine (Page 285)

Find out which methods from the book these 15 entrepreneurs used to start from scratch. What deep transformations they underwent as they won momentum.

Get behind-the-curtain C.P.S.O. breakdowns of all 15 of their businesses, see how they got started, and their entrepreneur personalities measure up. (At least 5, maybe 6, of these are million-dollar plus businesses now. Most others are healthy six figures.)

These 15 top students share 51 Tips For Entrepreneurs Starting From Zero – what they wish they knew at the beginning of their journey.  (Out of these 51+ tips, look for the ONE you’ll remember in 10 years.)


Build Your Own Business.
Experience True Freedom.


What are other saying about Start From Zero?


“I think Dane is awesome, I love the work he does with Entrepreneurs”

Vishen Lakhiani
Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur


“I never thought your first Mixergy interview would turn into an entire movement for Entrepreneurs”

Andrew Warner
Leading Expert


“Start From Zero is on FIRE. They help starting entrepreneurs find success”

John Lee Dumas
#1 Podcast Show Host


“This book is amazing, it brought me back to the powerful basics.”

George Bryan
#1 New York Times Best Selling Author


“After learning idea extraction and finding a painful product idea people wanted, I was able to pre-sell 10 customers in under 24 hours. The first 4 sales I got while I was sleeping.”

Phil MacNevin
Leading Design Specialist


“Start From Zero made it possible for me to find and create solutions for some of the country’s most loved brands and corporations. I get to wake up everyday and help multi-multi-multi-million dollar companies from home.”

Amy Kauffman
Entrepreneur to Non Profits


“Before the Start From Zero, I had no idea what to build, let alone how to create a UI. But with the mindset and material, I was able to build the UI in 5 days and pre-sold $3650, all without writing a single line of code.”

David Cristello
7 Figure SaaS owner


As you can see… Start From Zero has already helped 1000s of entrepreneurs around the world… Including 15 millionaires

Now I’m asking you… Are you next?


Build Your Own Business.
Experience True Freedom.


But that’s not all…

Get The Book Now And Get These FREE GIFTS:



How To Presell With No Product and No List

“How I Made Over $24,000 In One Hour With Just A Phone Book, Yelp, and Google”

Total Value: $99.00

When you get your copy of my new book, I’m going to give you instant access to 2+ hours of bonus training that you can start watching right now, while we rush your book to you.

The first is a live class taught by John Logar – one of my most successful students ever. (He broked all our presale records with $120,000 in presales over 6 months)

I asked him once if he could make $1000 in an hour on a Saturday using the methods I teach in Start From Zero.

He did one better and made $24,495 in that one hour, without a list or a product to sell. (Plus a few grand in recurring revenue.) Follow along as he breaks down everything he did into steps.

Yours Instantly When You Get Your Copy of Start From Zero Today!



Secrets Of A SFZ Multi-Millionaire

“Starting with No Idea and 2 Hours A Day… To $100,000 Per Month (and Beyond) in 2 Years”

Total Value: $99.00

Today, Carl Mattiola is one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know. But he started from zero, with no idea and 2 hours a day.

You’ll study the patterns hidden in Carl’s success and discover the skills he used to get his first $100,000 per month.

In this 56-minute live interview, Carl breaks down each stage of his rise… Starting from zero… His first sale… To $10,000 a month… Then $100,000 per month and beyond.

He had major struggles along the way, he was terrified to get feedback from his first customers. It wasn’t always easy for him. He holds nothing back… You’ll hear the challenges he faced and his decisions along the way.

Yours Instantly When You Claim your Free Copy of Start From Zero Today!



The Ultimate Webinar Blueprint

“How I Made $4.5 MM With Webinars At Age 22...Without Spending Money On Ads”

Total Value: $99.00

And last, Nathan Latka is one of the best I’ve ever seen at commanding a room’s attention. And one of the most strategic SaaS business owners in the world.

During this snappy 30-minute presentation, he breaks down exactly how he got 1000 people on a webinar and converted 20% to paying customers worth $300 per year. (Do the math… That’s $60,000 worth of recurring revenue.) 

All without paid ads. Some of the techniques are sneaky but 100% legal and ethical.

But don’t just learn from what he says. Pay attention to how he says it. It’s a masterclass in persuasion, attention control, and engaging your audience.

Yours When You Buy Your Copy of Start From Zero Today!


Build Your Own Business.
Experience True Freedom.


Now I realize what you might be thinking.

I Don’t Have Time To Start A Business (Or The Money)”

I don’t blame you for thinking that. That’s exactly why I wrote Start From Zero. For this exact situation.

Inside you’ll find your own “game plan” for starting a business from scratch… With no ideas, very little cash, and no risk.  All I recommend is you can commit to 2 hours a day.  (I’ve had hundreds of students with full-time jobs, families, and commutes… You’ll be surprised where you can find extra time if you really want to.)

Still nervous you won’t have the money?

Like I said, “You need money to make money” is a lie perpetuated by venture capitalists and banks. Being bootstrapped is a great quality of life.

When you follow the steps laid out in Start From Zero, you’ll never need to risk your own money to start a business ever again.

In the book, you’ll find tons of real businesses that started without risking ANY of the founders’ own money… And without taking investor capital.

And by the way, in case you’re wondering…


No There Is No Catch, The Book By Itself Is All You Need.

So why am I doing this?

Because I want you to be a customer for life, so I want to start off on a great foot.

The more people who get trained on the starter context, the better the world will be for all of our families.

This book makes entrepreneurship possible for everyone… man, woman, old, and young.

Plus, This book is 15 years in the making and it’s time to be shared!  I want to get it into your hands as quickly as possible.


Here’s My Bold Guarantee: This Book Will Change The Direction Of Your Life


Here’s everything you get when you order Start From Zero today!

Physical copy of Start From Zero

$19.95 value

Presell With No Product and No List

$99.00 value

Secrets Of A SFZ Multi-Millionaire

$99.00 value

The Ultimate No Ads Blueprint

$99.00 value

Total Value: $316.95

Get Your Copy Today!

Thanks for checking out my book and I sincerely hope it makes a difference in your life.

Dane Maxwell


Build Your Own Business.
Experience True Freedom.


Successful Experts Still Refer To This Book For Help…


“As a well known writer in the relationship space, I consistently get over a million readers a month to my writing. But that doesn’t mean that I’m an expert at monetizing that traffic. By using the systems and mental models laid out in Start From Zero, I’m now creating killer products that my audience is absolutely loving while generating a whole new level of income that I never thought was possible. This book is an absolute game changer. Do yourself a favour and pick it up.”

Jordan Gray

A Final Word from Jamil Velji, Who Launched 5 Agencies After Starting From Zero


I first came across Start From Zero by searching “How to build a business” and I went through the 6-month program in 2014. It was the first step of my journey into entrepreneurship.

Back then I was marketer, working with tech companies and local businesses. I was doing maybe 60 grand a year on the high end.

Every year since my businesses have done mid 6 figures and this year is going to be one of the biggest.

I fully attribute where I’m at today to my time learning from Dane and Start From Zero.

Your Biggest Takeaway from Dane & Start From Zero?

My biggest takeaway from Start From Zero is that acquiring skills is how to become an entrepreneur.

Every new skill you acquire takes you that much further. So building your skillset is investing in yourself as an entrepreneur.

Your investments in yourself compound over time. It’s like interest (except much MUCH more powerful.)

99% of everything I do right now is based on skills I first learned in Start From Zero. I’ve even gone back and added copywriting to my daily routine [Note from Dane: this is the challenge you’ll see starting on page 195].

What Are You Up To Now In Business?

In the last 5-6 years, I’ve started five agencies, including the 1st sales funnel agency on the planet – back before ClickFunnels was huge. I’ve sold out of 2 of them, I shut down the other 3 before realizing I could actually sell an agency.

So I’m on my 5th agency. And now we’re building a SaaS [software-as-a-service] product for predictable and scalable revenue. This is going to be our biggest year yet and I see that continuing year after year.

Your Biggest Recommendation For Anyone Starting At Zero?

If you’re starting at zero, realize that you’re not going to understand everything all at once.

My biggest recommendation is to trust people who want to pull you forward.

When I was starting out, I didn’t understand how everything fit together.  I do now but at the beginning, I had to believe in the process.  It wasn’t always easy. There are things I learned from Dane at the beginning that didn’t click until years later.

I followed instructions, practiced the skills, and focused on integrating those into daily habits. This has had substantial impacts and those impacts have all compounded.

Imagine yourself 6 years from now being able to say, “Yeah you know, it’s easy, we’ve been doing multiple 7 figures a year for the past 4 years straight.”

That’s what can happen to you.

What’s Dane has done here with the Start From Zero book is give readers the overall picture of how everything fits together. I wish I had this at the beginning. It’s huge.


Build Your Own Business.
Experience True Freedom.

P.S.  If you don’t love the book let us know and we will refund the shipping cost and let you keep the book.

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